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A Castle Built on Sand

We believe ourselves to be intentional creatures – in control of our actions and reactions, our thoughts, words, and gestures. However, that’s not strictly true. There are hundreds of movements, stray thoughts, even words, that never register consciously. We’d be quite shocked to see just how much we do, say and feel without conscious thinking.

But it’s these unconscious habitual behaviors and thoughts that make out our lives. They are responsible for how we feel, what we do, what we experience and how we live our lives.

So if we’re trying to accomplish something in our lives, whether that’s with a relationship, your self-worth, your job, your health or your business, whatever castle you’re trying to build, if your unconscious habitual behaviors aren’t supportive of that, it’s going to be a castle built on sand. It will never last.

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Why change only comes by touching your core beliefs.

I see it a lot around me. Friends and clients who go about their lives being guided by beliefs they have about themselves and the world. Those beliefs shape their desires, their choices and their life. And when they struggle with something – their relationship, their job, motherhood, or other things – they try to fix that on a level different than where the problem arises.

And this is because they don’t see the true core belief with which they’re creating their lives. They call in the help of coaches, experts, friends and they all help in the best way they can. But many of them lose themselves in the illusion of superficial day-to-day associations. Meaning that the beliefs with which my friends and clients shape their lives are too unconscious to easily uncover. You have to see through the illusion of (non-verbal) behavior, associations, words, and actions and look beyond to what’s underneath.

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The crucial moment I chose to NOT follow my soul’s calling. And what happened next.

Do you know those moments where Life gives you a huge sign that you should do something (or not do something)? Where you can see an orchestrated play in front of your eyes for the benefit of your soul’s calling? Where it feels like Life is giving you a hand in choosing what’s right, or a mirror for you to look in and choose something different?

And how many times did you ignore those signs?

I ignored a huuuge sign a few years ago. And that has shaped my life in a big way.

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How my 5 years of wasting time can benefit you…

The sun is shining and my 2 dogs are walking happily with me. It’s spring and the flowers are out, the breeze is soft and gentle and I’m enjoying the sounds of the little rocks and gravel under my feet.

When I look around all I can see is green grass, trees, reed, water, country sidebirds and just nature. And I feel happy and fulfilled.

I have these moments very often and I love them. They remind me of the feeling of being in a country where it’s warm, where it’s quiet and calm and where the pace is slow. Where I feel relaxed and in tune with myself. Where I can see new scenery, meet new local people and blend countryside of life.

When I think of these moments and when I’m in one of those moments, my heart opens up and I feel so in tune with myself and with nature.

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What years of lack of money has taught me.


I hate this. I truly hate this. Moving money from my savings account to my regular one AGAIN to pay the groceries. I feel so bad about myself for doing this. Why can’t I just earn enough money like everybody else? Why is it such a darn struggle for me?

It’s never about the Money. But about what is it then?

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