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A Castle Built on Sand

We believe ourselves to be intentional creatures – in control of our actions and reactions, our thoughts, words, and gestures. However, that’s not strictly true. There are hundreds of movements, stray thoughts, even words, that never register consciously. We’d be quite shocked to see just how much we do, say and feel without conscious thinking.

But it’s these unconscious habitual behaviors and thoughts that make out our lives. They are responsible for how we feel, what we do, what we experience and how we live our lives.

So if we’re trying to accomplish something in our lives, whether that’s with a relationship, your self-worth, your job, your health or your business, whatever castle you’re trying to build, if your unconscious habitual behaviors aren’t supportive of that, it’s going to be a castle built on sand. It will never last.

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Doing what you love, even if finances are tight.

I know I am capable of financial flow in my life.

Not more things. Not more things to HAVE. Not more materialistic things. But more. More openness about being my true self and being able to open up to enjoyment and abundance.

I know I am capable. I know I have it in me to really expand. To really BE. But I also struggle with it. I also feel that I’m not worthy. That bad things will happen if I flourish.

Because of these conflicting ideas, I keep sabotaging myself.

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All she needs is to be felt

The meaning of life is to know yourself. When you know yourself, you know the other. When you know the other you understand yourself. To know yourself means you can grasp an understanding of life. You get a glimpse or even a full picture of what it means to be a tree, the wind or the pavement.

To know yourself means you go beyond the everyday life to dive deep within and uncover the meaning of you – of life – to return to the every day seemingly the same and really completely different.

This might sound so beautiful in written form and it is a beautiful experience, to say the least, but when you’re still stuck in the superficial layer of life it seems as if that deeper meaning is farther away than ever. The superficial layer can have a strong hold on you. Fear grasps your heart and holds it tightly in her grip because bills need to be paid, dinner has to be made, work needs to be done, groceries need to be bought, the car needs to be cleaned, children need to be raised, finances need to be done, arrangements need to be made and so on….

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Empathize your way out of the Matrix

To me, the Matrix is the illusion we create for ourselves. The illusion that we are the person we embody on this earth, we are the jobs we have, and we are the people we spend our lives with. That what you feel is associated with the people in your life, the things that you do and the experiences you have. That you need to do something in order to receive something. That there’s something missing in your life. That you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills to live your life.

Living an illusionary life usually goes with (unconscious) feelings of frustration, loneliness, emptiness, and longing. But we don’t see these emotions as what they truly are. Instead, we try to forget we feel that way by losing ourselves in food and entertainment. But these emotions are your way out. They are telling you that you’re living a life not in line with your true self.

And there’s a way out of this Matrix. There’s a simple (and at the same time challenging) way out of the Matrix that I will tell you about in this article. And as I always do, I’ll use my personal example to illustrate my point.

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Core beliefs are the biggest force behind your affirmations.

core beliefs shape your life

Core beliefs are the biggest force behind your affirmations

You are creating your life every second of your day.

It took me some time to really get this. I used to think that I could create my dream life with Visualizations and Affirmations. And you can of course. But it’s not just during these exercises or rituals that you create your life. With Visualizations and Affirmations, you consciously choose for a specific desired outcome that makes you feel good NOW. But when you stop visualizing and doing your affirmations and you go about your day, you’re creating your life as well. And you’re probably doing that on an unconscious level.

And that which has a stronger and more consistent emotional vibration (the visualizations and affirmations or going about your daily life), creates your life.

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