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There are no bad things. Unless you decide so.

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Every negative experience has something equally beautiful inside it. Whether that might be learning to forgive, surrender, or trust. If we pay attention to that equally beautiful seed inside, that negative experience can turn into a different one. Maybe one of less negativity and maybe even a beautiful experience.

I’ve turned my being fired into becoming an entrepreneur, becoming a single mom into becoming independent, having 2 emotional breakdowns into more self-knowledge and spiritual awakening.

But what exactly is a “negative” experience and is a certain experience negative in itself?

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One enormous benefit of not truly being yourself!

Yes. There’s a huge benefit of not truly being your true self. It might not feel that way, but there is. And I will tell you what that is.

But first I would like to explain the difference between the true you and the not so true you. Because, who are you, when you’re not being your yourself? You have to be someone, right? So who would that be?

Being your Not-So-True-Self happens very early on in the period of your life where you cannot yet take care of yourself. You come in contact with people who love you and want the best for you, but who are for themselves, not their True Selves. Coming from their Not-So-True-Selves, they teach you things that you adopt. Beliefs about yourself and the world that are limiting in nature.

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How to be the real you. Your True Self explained (+actionable tips)!

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Who is the True you? Your True Self is YOU in another consciousness level where you only believe in Abundance, Joy, Love, and Bliss. Your True Self is on a consciousness level where you can see the life of the physical you and overview everything that has happened and potentially can happen.

You are nothing but Love for yourself and everything around you. And the only thing you do is communicate with the you on this physical plane to help YOU (and itself therefore) transform and grow into the True Self that you are.

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How to feel confident and happy under “shitty” circumstances.

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I got a letter in the mail. You know, a written paper in an envelope? I hardly get them anymore but this time I did get one. It’s from the government saying I will be receiving less money than they intended to give me.

I have a relationship with the government as my business isn’t sustainable yet. We have a program that supports starting entrepreneurs. Very generous and I’m grateful I get financial support during months when I don’t earn enough money yet.

But when I opened that envelope and read the letter I initially didn’t feel grateful… all.

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A Castle Built on Sand

We believe ourselves to be intentional creatures – in control of our actions and reactions, our thoughts, words, and gestures. However, that’s not strictly true. There are hundreds of movements, stray thoughts, even words, that never register consciously. We’d be quite shocked to see just how much we do, say and feel without conscious thinking.

But it’s these unconscious habitual behaviors and thoughts that make out our lives. They are responsible for how we feel, what we do, what we experience and how we live our lives.

So if we’re trying to accomplish something in our lives, whether that’s with a relationship, your self-worth, your job, your health or your business, whatever castle you’re trying to build, if your unconscious habitual behaviors aren’t supportive of that, it’s going to be a castle built on sand. It will never last.

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