Set Yourself Free Challenge

That nagging little feeling within. Knowing that you're doing great, but still......An itchy feeling within. Not about doing more or being better.

But about not yet REALLY being YOU!

The Set Yourself Free Challenge is for you, if...

  • you're tired of that little nagging feeling on the inside that something's missing.
  • you're finding yourself in situations that you KNOW are not the situations really TRUE for you.
  • you feel tension, anxiety, restlessness, fear, uneasiness - even in small amounts - too often during your day-to-day life.

This Challenge consists of:

  • One weekly e-mail for the duration of 4 weeks
  • A Private Facebook group with daily prompts where you can ask questions and stay in contact with me and other participants.

You will learn to recognize your own behavior coming from a limiting belief about yourself.

And how to transform that into feeling more empowered, valuable, open and true to yourself. 

This is what you'll learn in this Challenge:

  • You will learn to recognize your OWN signals showing you, you're doing or thinking something that's not TRUE for who you really are.
  • You will learn to think and do as the person you TRULY and really are.

Transforming recurring experiences and circumstances you don't want any more into experiences and circumstances that make you feel AMAZING!

Set Yourself Free Challenge - Core Beliefs

Do you want to know what's REALLY stopping you from TRULY being YOU?

It's beliefs about yourself you're holding on to because they make you feel safe. Even though those beliefs keep you small.

THAT's the reason.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And with this challenge, you'll learn to uncover those beliefs and transform them into something that will make you feel Open, Trusting, Passionate, Daring, Relaxing, Abundant and Joyful.

Because that's who you truly are.

Much love,