“There is no light without shadow and no psychic wholeness without imperfection.” Jung.


The shadow isn’t a popular topic.

Who enjoys exploring their flaws, weaknesses, selfishness, nastiness, hate, and so on?

Focusing on our strengths is much more fun and uplifting.

Exploring our shadow side, however, gives us tremendous opportunities for growth and development, because Shadow Work isn't about weaknesses, flaws or other negative things. On the contrary!

Some benefits that result from shadow work:

  • Owning the parts of you, you’ve been judging and not willing to see.
  • Seeing who you truly are. Meeting your True Self.
  • Healing your shame and guilt.
  • Learning to love everything about you.
  • Speaking and living your truth.
  • Breaking the cycle of repeated patterns in your life.
  • Learning to sit with your fears, anger, shame, and guilt.
  • Discovering what your fear, anger, shame, and guilt has to teach you.

Thank you again Carmen for the Shadow Work Circle yesterday - the Mirror exercise was very challenging but a huge aha when neutralizing my trigger word.

The humor and playfulness that you delivered with the work were wonderful - I thoroughly enjoyed the entire time. I look forward to other sessions.

Kim Hutt


Learning to get to know our shadow is a very rewarding, yet challenging process.

Our Shadow involves all the parts of us that we have rejected, including our positive qualities. Those parts and qualities don’t go away though and still have (a big) influence on our daily life.

My shadow is the reason I have struggled and still struggle with certain aspects in my life.

Personal Story


Because I stubbornly kept my Shadow active, meaning I kept qualities, beliefs, feelings, judgments and aspects of myself tucked away far within me, my Shadow unconsciously worked her magic.

This resulted in me trying, and trying, and trying and working hard while not getting near where I desired to be.

When I started to look into my Shadow, I started to see WHY I couldn’t get certain things in my life of the ground. Besides that, I began to understand certain recurring events, people, and experience.

Qualities, preferences, and desires that are truly mine are in my shadow because I thought they weren’t favorable. Because I thought that by expressing them, I would lack love and support.

Beliefs I have about myself that make me feel (very) bad about myself have also been tucked away in my Shadow.

The good and the bad in my Shadow still has an effect on my life and by working with my Shadow, by letting what’s in there slowly come into the light, the effects diminishes untill the moment I could turn things around.

Instead of letting the neglected part of my Shadow steer my life, I can intentionally and intuitively create my life. 

The Shadow Work Circle


In this Shadow Work Circle, I will show you how can you uncover what’s in your Shadow by looking at the people, experiences, and circumstances in your life.

Your Shadow still works her magic by attracting people and certain circumstances and experiences in your life. This happens because what’s not seen and felt, still needs and wants to be seen and felt.

By looking at those parts in your life, you can learn what you’ve put away in your Shadow.

I believe the combination of my own experience, as well as the years of coaching people, has strengthened my ability to be compassionate, sensitive and has allowed me to have a ton of experience, insights, love, and wisdom.

The Circle will be recorded beforehand and posted online for 24 hours only for you to watch whenever suits you best.

How to join

Enter your name and email address and you will be notified when the Circle is online.

Shadow Work Circle's will be posted online Friday at 7 pm CET. You will get a notification in your inbox, so please make sure I don't end up in your spam or promotion folder.

The Circle will be online for 24 hours only!

For any further questions, also please send an email to


Carmen beautifully lead us through the Shadow Work Circle about MoneyFlow with so much compassion and understanding.

I found it very useful to start to understand that all emotions are valid and deserve to be seen. My relationship to money has been interesting over the past few years with similar patterns of starting new adventures and having to start again from scratch a couple of times, so it was very helpful to understand why and where this was coming from.

Carmen also authentically used her own personal story as an example and lead us through an empowering meditation to help us heal the shadow side of us we try and keep hidden and reject which left me feeling somewhat lighter.

I look forward to the next one!

Amy Woods


I participated in Shadow Circle session run by Carmen and it was an awarding experience for me. Carmen made a short introduction to what Shadow work is all about and I liked that structural approach.

The calming tone of her voice contributed to the idea of how we are all supported for who we are even though we all have our 'dark corners.' The session itself is a deep digging mining work and all the questions you need to answer are a journey into the parts of yourself that need to be brought up to the surface.

I liked Carmen's approach, her calm energy, and her structural guidance. I would recommend this journey to anyone willing to grow in their consciousness.

Ula Paula


It was such a great experience, thank you so much. Totally shifted my perception and triggered a new and different appreciation of my money mindset.

And all you said just made so much sense and made me feel less guilty and pressured for having the belief I do.
Thank you again

Annamaria Papayova


What I enjoyed about this Shadow Circle on Money was the self-awareness and self-discovery exercises that made me magically see how different areas in my life are related to this topic, in a very easy and intuitive way.

I explored myself on how I see, react, and make choices, and what story I’ve been telling myself - and was told - about money. I appreciated the guided tools and how insights arose during and after the session.


Carmen invited me to her Shadow work circle and although I was not having my best day, I decided to take part anyway. And I am glad I did.

It was a small, intimate circle and I felt very safe and comfortable, which is so important for such a delicate topic. The time spent in the circle gave me a few Aha-moments and a much needed new experience.

She has a very genuine and heartfelt way of making people feel at ease.

Definitely recommended!

Sarah Ulhaas


Participating in Carmen's shadow circle gave me huge insight into an issue that I could never quite put my finger on. It was simple, didn't take very long, and highly beneficial! So glad I did it."