Uncover your Limiting Belief Course


If you're like a lot of people, no matter how successful you are, there's still something "missing."

You've felt it. That nagging little feeling inside. The knowledge that you're doing great, BUT...

That "but" gnaws at you. Instinctively you know it's not about having more or being more successful. It's deeper than that.

It's about not REALLY being the true, authentic YOU!

The Uncover Your Limiting Belief Course is for you, if...

  • you're tired of that little nagging feeling on the inside that something's missing.
  • You're finding yourself in situations that you KNOW are not aligned with who you KNOW yourself to be.
  • you feel tension, anxiety, restlessness, fear, uneasiness - even in small amounts - too often during your day-to-day life.

Before discovering the secrets you'll find in this course, I was immersed in my own limiting stories and beliefs about myself.

These stories had severe consequences.

  • I found myself in an abusive relationship.
  • I turned to alcohol and marijuana to deal with my negative emotions.
  • I struggled with friendships and connecting with others.
  • I struggled with money and ended up in jobs I didn't love.

I was lost and confused, to say the least.

These situations didn't just "happen" to me. I created them again and again and again. I kept creating them because I believed the limiting stories I had created... my limiting beliefs.

You see, thoughts, words and mental images are energy. They come with a certain vibration with which you attract the same sort of situations, people, and experiences. These thoughts, words and mental images are constantly - and unconsciously - looping around in your mind.

As long as I gave value to my own limiting stories/beliefs...

As long as I remained unconscious of them...

As long as I didn't know how to transform them...

I kept attracting the same kinds of disempowering situations and experiences.

Superficial Change vs. REAL Change

Changing my circumstances from the outside - taking new jobs, starting my own business, finding new boyfriends, etc. - it was never enough to make lasting and substantial changes.

As hard as I tried to work on my mindset, my mental habits, and my inner world, things REALLY started to change when I learned to identify my own limiting beliefs.

There are so many nuances to your behavior. There are countless loopholes, bypasses and unconscious habits that help keep your limiting belief alive.

If it were that easy to uncover your limiting belief and see through all the loopholes, pitfalls and all the diversions you've created yourself, as well as dealing with the fears and insecurities coming up when doing so, wouldn't you have done it already?

It Begins with Honesty

In order for me to uncover my limiting belief, I had to be truly honest with myself, dive deep within my own unconscious behavior and see through all the veils I'd put up to divert myself. When I did that, my inner world, my life, and my outer world started to change.

In this Course, I share with you the steps I took and the steps I share with my One-on-One clients to help them change recurring situations they don't like and to see their own self-judgment and self-doubt in a different light.

The Uncover Your Limiting Belief Course consists of:

  • Two to three emails per week with a pdf attached to it with information about the topic as well as the assignments for the duration of about 30 days.
  • 4 private One-on-One Zoom coaching calls with me.
  • Continuous support through Messenger or WhatsApp.

You will learn to recognize your own behavior coming from a limiting belief about yourself.

And how to transform that into feeling more empowered, valuable, open and true to yourself.

During the 30 days of this course you'll learn:

  • How to recognize the signals that you're doing or thinking something that's not in alignment with your TRUE self.
  • How to look beyond what you say, think and do and uncover the truth that lies beneath.
  • The One Thing that almost everyone gets wrong in learning what's true for you and what's not.
  • How to become the truest and most authentic version of YOU, through your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

The investment required:

This course will require an investment of only € 499


As this is the second round of this course I'm still giving discounts (in exchange for a testimonial),

so the investment now is € 299

Use this link to convert to your currency

  • For that, you will get a weekly One-on-One with me alongside this course so we can really dive deep into uncovering your limiting belief.
  • You will receive 2 to 3 emails per week with information and assignments.
  • And continuous support via messenger or WhatsApp.

It requires you to schedule one hour a week for our talks.

Our one-on-one talks provide fantastic added value for the course. I promise you the time investment will be very much worth it.

These One-on-One talks take place in the following Time Brackets:

From 8:30 till 10:30 AM CEST (Amsterdam)

From 5:00 till 6:00 PM CEST (Amsterdam)

Use this link to convert to your timezone. 

If this doesn't fit your schedule, please reach out via email at carmen@consciouslivingwithcarmen.com so we can work out a different time.

Important Note


This course is not meant to teach you a few tricks that have limited value. You'll learn an entirely new way of looking at yourself and your life, and start the process of living your life in an entirely new way!

Outline of the Course


  • Living Intentionally
  • Unconscious Triggering
  • Pausing for Reflection
  • Homework

Module 1 - Your True Self vs Your Persona

Class One - True Self:

  • You're already Perfect
  • There's nothing to worry about
  • How to differentiate between what you let the world see and who you truly are.
  • Homework

Class two - Persona:

  • What's your Persona
  • How is a Persona created
  • How a Persona affects your life
  • Homework

Class Three- Learning to differentiate between your True Self and Persona:

  • The dolphin or the shark - Your True Self or your Persona
  • What's moving the fin?
  • What you'll learn and why
  • Homework

Module 2 - Your Emotional Life:

Class One - Pick your Emotional Event

  • Choosing the "Event"
  • Homework

Class two - Using emotions in a disempowering way

  • False Associations
  • Trying to fix unconscious issues on the conscious level
  • Overanalyzing
  • Homework

Class Three - Using emotions in an empowering way

  • The emotional spectrum
  • The meaning of emotions
  • The pitfall with seeing your emotions as your guidance system
  • What is needed for using your emotions the right way
  • Homework

Module 3 - Your Behavior:

Class one - Understanding your Behavior

  • The seen and the unseen
  • Behavioral Awareness
  • The Birds-eye-view-exercise
  • Homework

Class two - Reading the Signals

  • Giveaways
  • Your speech
  • Your body
  • Tension in your body
  • Homework

Module 4 - Your Thoughts:

Class one - The meaning of things, people, and circumstances:

  • Cutting the cord...
  • How do we assign meaning?
  • Homework

Class two - the Trouble with Thoughts:

  • Thoughts should not come first
  • Making sense of thoughts
  • Homework

Module 5 - Your Beliefs:

Class one - The nitty gritty of beliefs

  • What are beliefs?
  • How do limiting beliefs manifest
  • How many beliefs can we uncover
  • The most important factor in uncovering your limiting beliefs
  • Homework

Class two - How to uncover your Limiting belief

  • Using thoughts to uncover limiting belief
  • The One question that can reveal your limiting beliefs
  • Homework


  • Now what?
  • The next Step

One-on-One Zoom Coaching Talks and Timeline

  • Start of the Course.
  • Introduction and Module one will be sent during that week.

















  • Module 2 will be sent over the course of this week.
  • Scheduled Talk No One about Introduction and Module one.













  • Module 3 and 4 will be sent out during this week.
  • Scheduled Talk No Two about Module two.

















  • Module 5 and Outtroduction will be sent out during this week.
  • Scheduled Talk No Three about Module 3 and 4.







  • Scheduled Talk No Four about Module 5.

The topics of these talks aren't carved in stone. This is a guide line to our talks but every talk is different and the topic of the talks will also come up organically.


If you're not happy with this course, our talks or the progress you've made, you can get a 100% refund within one week after the course has ended.

This refund is based on your participation. This course requires your participation and if you do not put in the work, things will not change. So for the refund, I want to see the completed assignments.

Our appointments also need to have been met and actively participated in.

If you haven't put in the work, I cannot give you a refund.

But if you've put in the work and this course just doesn't do it for you, you will get your money back 100%.


Transforming recurring experiences and circumstances you don't want any more 

into experiences and circumstances that make you feel


Uncover Your Limiting Belief Course

Do you want to know what's REALLY stopping you from TRULY being YOU?

It's beliefs about yourself you're holding on to because they make you feel safe. Even though those beliefs keep you small.

THAT's the reason.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And in this course, you'll learn to uncover those beliefs and transform them into something that will make you feel Open, Trusting, Passionate, Daring, Relaxing, Abundant and Joyful.

Because that's who you truly are.


I had been following Carmen on social media for a few months. Everything she wrote completely resonated with the truth in me and I got curious. I downloaded her free workbook and read through to discover more interesting universal truths about life and about fear and how to work through fear.

I decided to book a session with her out of curiosity because I'd been dealing with some deep fears that I couldn't seem to shift. After the 1 hour, Carmen identified 2 beliefs I had about life that I had never acknowledged or realized before. She saw me and was able to narrow down and identify something I couldn't articulate almost magically.

I instantly trusted that she knew how to help me with one specific problem I have and that's a big fear of flying.

Carmen reassured me that my fear of flying was deeper than just that. There was something at the core of that fear that I needed to shift. And when I shift the core, the fear will dissipate. I then worked with Carmen one on one and she gave me the tools I needed to fly confidently and I tested it already once, and it went well and have also had the courage to book a second trip to try her technique again.

To put this into perspective, I had tried to overcome this fear and worked with a variety of professional for the past 8 years and nothing worked like the tools Carmen gave me.

The fear of flying was so surface level. Carmen taught me how to use certain techniques to get to the core of every issue or bad feeling I have in life and shift from that space, rather than working on problems from a superficial level.

I totally get now that surface levels problems and fears are all results of deeper core beliefs I have about myself and life.

I highly recommend working with Carmen if you are also so fed up with trying to work through surface level problems in your life but have a nagging feeling that there is something deeper that you aren't reaching.

Carmen will help you reach deeper and find what's at the core. She's real and there's no woo-woo or hype behind what she teaches. Carmen teaches universal truth principles that you'll definitely be able to get and implement into your life easily. I cannot stop recommending her since the shift she helped spark in my life.

I cannot stop recommending her since the shift she helped spark in my life.

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Much love,