Free Face Your Fears Book

Do you want to be your best Self-But you keep bumping into obstacles-Not fully opening up to your possibilities-

I understand completely.

I've been there. Knowing and being aware of the things I needed to do to get more aligned, but every time failing to do so.

It's not that I didn't want to...

Or that I wasn't motivated enough...

I just felt I didn't know HOW to implement all that knowledge, all those "things" I needed to do.

Meditation. Visualization. Mantra's. Goal setting. Vision Boards.

I've tried them all and failed at all of them.

Not because they don't work. But there was something in me that sabotaged every attempt I did.

And I will tell you.

What has held me back for so long is FEAR...

And yes, I can hear you so "duhhh", but wait just a second.

I too knew that I was afraid. I too knew that fear was holding me back. But I didn't know or understood why this type of fear held me back while I thrived in other situations where I felt fear as well.

Why did I succeed in tackling the fear in one situation, and in this very important situation, I "failed" time and time again...??

I found the answer and I share with you, my journey, my findings and how YOU can incorporate that into your life in this book. 

This book is about how fear is your biggest obstacle to really integrating the teachings about being your true self.

You can have so much knowledge, but all that knowledge will not get you anywhere until it has become experiential wisdom.

And a big obstacle for personal development knowledge to become experiential wisdom is fear.

This book consists of 41 pages full of information and quotes to keep you motivated and inspired. It will work you through:

  • The concepts of how life works,
  • How there are different types of fear and how one type of fear is blocking you and;
  • It will give you exercises to dive deeper into yourself as well as how to deal with the fear.

Throughout this book, I will tell you my personal story as an example on how fear has blocked me and how I overcame that fear.

My wish with this book is to help and inspire you to learn from your world and become more and more aligned with your true self.

I related to your stories, I saw myself in you which made me want to read on and on. I loved how you taught through your own experience and stories. The workbook promises tools that will get me out of fear and into self-love and alignment and it definitely delivers on this promise. I feel seen and heard and like I'm in life hand in hand with everyone else and we all experience similar ups and downs and that's okay.


Mariëlle Feenstra

Sometimes you need to be aware of your pain and weaknesses, acknowledge them to strengthen yourself by being gentle to yourself. This workbook is a wonderful testimonial of a brave woman sharing her insights from her life story, enabling you to reflect on yours and start breaking patterns by using practical every-day exercises.

I would recommend this workbook to anybody who has been blocked by fears or patterns and who is willing to look inside and do inside work to create a different reality. It's about self-honesty and a willingness to look inside and practice. This workbook offers lots of good exercises and it’s super interesting to read Carmen’s personal story and path.