If you want to live your life cultivating awareness, uprooting limiting beliefs and opening up to embodying everything you feel, you're in the right place!

By walking the Sacred Path of Exploring

  • your negative experiences,
  • limiting beliefs and
  • those parts of you that you're scared of facing,

you are walking the path of the Warrior and Amazone of the Light.

Meaning that you are so courageous that you are willing to see yourself completely. You are willing to see parts of you that you are ashamed of, scared of or angry about.

You are willing to let the Light of Love shine in every corner and neglected part of you.

Instead of trying to be happy and grateful and balanced every day you will become complete.

Meaning you will be able to ride all the human emotions we have, including and especially the so-called negative ones, with pride, ease, and love.

  • You will feel strong, empowered, in tune and you will feel what's right and what's not right for you.
  • You will embrace whatever goes on inside of you.
  • You will know what to do if and when your darker emotions show themselves.

"I realize now that I am a vibration, I realize the power of my vibrations. I am responsible for my actions, I am responsible for my life but at the same time, it is ok to feel down, it is ok to be vulnerable. I have to learn to love and accept myself and everything else comes from that"

Diji picture

Diji Shujahi

"Carmen made me aware of how much I was NOT listening to myself (and instead was listening to the opinions of other people).

She reassured me that it was okay if I felt scared about working through my issue, and that it was safe to continue working through the issue. I felt stronger and more self-assured about who I was and that my place in the world was worthwhile and of value."

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