A Free 30 min One-on-One to reveal to yourself a truth that's been hiding. 


For 30 minutes we connect and we dive into the topic of your choice.

Whether that's uncovering a lack belief, a fear of being your best self or uncertainty about a choice to make.

I love Carmen's gentle approach to the shadow self. I felt completely safe and guided through the process. Together, we not only confronted my shadow self and all her fears, but we learned from her so that I could do better.

Now I can do the big scary things, but in a way that honors my shadow self and feels more aligned with intentions. I'm so grateful for my session with Carmen and the lessons I learned.

Terra Milo


How to join? 

  1. Pick a date 
  2. Email me or message me on the topic of your choice (carmen@consciouslivingwithcarmen.com).
  3. Our connection will take place via Facebook Messenger Video.

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Carmen has a wonderful energy and held space for me so calmly. So much was achieved in short time helping me to see aspects of myself and bring them to the light.

She has such a clarity of perception that she can see right through to the heart of the matter and walk you towards it gently, with compassion. Thank you Carmen.

Polly Hearsey


Carmen is a kind and generous soul with a great deal of knowledge in shadow work. She has a genuine concern for helping others.

Her thought process and questioning is the perfect walkthrough in helping you discover hidden elements (the shadow part) of yourself; then she gives actionable steps and recommendations to use and apply in your life.

I greatly appreciated her insight during our session.

Julie Kellog


I had a sacred time session with Carmen and felt right away at ease with her. She Jumped straight away in my theme so I could get the most out of the 30min Session.

She guided me through a Very insightful and helpful Meditation and rounded the Session up with helpful tips for my day to day life when working with my Fears. Thank you💜

Nadja Piette


Thank you, Carmen, for this free call and your time. I’m a therapist myself and I have tried many approaches.

I really enjoyed our call and I had a couple surprising insights during your guided sessions. You are very friendly open and easy going on the call, which makes the process easier.
I could sense that there weren’t any judgments from your side, so this helped me to be open for exploration and not to judge myself in the process 😊

Olga Pavlova



Our call was extremely productive and meaningful - I felt cared for, and the energy held, both before the call, and throughout it - you provided a really steady force, which allowed me to get clear - and to go deep.

The beautifully simple language you use was a wonderful anchor for the potent chaos of my emotional confusion - this helped me easily enter the cathartic space, and led me to a more stable perspective...

Thank you from my heart, Carmen.

Clare Galloway


Thank you, Carmen. The way you turned everything around to my understanding was quite brilliant.

I now use the meditation technique to get in touch with what to do next. It's working. Feeling overwhelmed with what I'm doing is now achievable with less stress. Again thank you 😊

Chris Morris


Thank you so much! I found the session beneficial. Your ability to mold the session to what I needed and to use a task that will be easy for me to implement is fantastic and a guarantee that I will do it!

Sarah Welch Byrne


Through your method I easily and intuitively “connected the dots”, and I realized my major areas of blocks, especially about what I am experiencing in mostly all my relationships and about repeated patterns with different people.

Personally, I questioned myself on what do these relationships have to say about me, and where I am feeling lack, drained, or aiming to embrace for myself.

I focused only on the needed insights and the awareness is still expanding inside me. My biggest aha moment was about how passive behavior can be seen as neutral or demanding, and to acknowledge what triggers me emotionally (shadows).

Nadia Maria Nacca


I had a 30 minutes call with Carmen. After the call, I felt incredibly peaceful and relaxed. Carmen help me realize that I am loved no matter what. She guided me through a meditation and helped me set clear healthy boundaries with my family members. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone and everyone.

Karishma Gautam


It's really easy to intellectualize what you think is going on with your life, but quite a different one to really understand it at a deep and visceral level.

I had a call with Carmen that helped me achieve that visceral understanding that is needed for change.

She really understands how to help you uncover blocks that may be in the way of personal development and more importantly understands how these manifest in our projections in the "outer world".

Thanks for your work Carmen!

Victoria Melchor


My call with Carmen was very interesting. I had a rather broad question about my path and career and Carmen guided me through a meditation and asked me 3 questions that were so precise and revealing that I had my answer after only 30 min!

Alla Petcheniouk


Carmen led a guided meditation that offered a unique approach to a practical exercise I've used again and again. Her gift (and the way she shares it) reflects her connection and gentle spirit. Working with her is certain to bless you with divine sweet surprises.

Denise Metzger Taylor


My call with Carmen was such a beautiful experience. She listened intently to my concerns and with gentleness and confidence guided me to answer my own question.

She led me through a beautiful meditation where I was able to access parts of myself that had the answers that I so eagerly sought out. I highly recommend working with Carmen for any block or limitation you may encounter.

She will help you access your own fountain of knowledge that lays deep within your soul.


I have had the privilege to meet Carmen on one of her free 30 minute Sacred calls.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, as I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Shadow Work, but Carmen was brilliant and led me through a powerful guided meditation to meet and acknowledge 2 parts of myself that have been in conflict for a little while.

I found it incredibly insightful and have plenty to work with. I felt safe and seen by Carmen who received my story with an open heart.

Thank you!! ❤

Amy Woods