Most of what I had done in life came from one basic fear. That fear formed the basis for my thoughts, my mind, and my ego.

The stories in my mind shaped who I was and how my life took form.

The education I had, the relationships, the upbringing of my daughter, the friendships I had.

My way of thinking shaped the struggles I faced with jobs, lovers, and addictions.

For years I worked on myself, my thoughts, and my habits which helped. The lovers I had changed from really bad to really nice. I kicked all of my addictions but one.


Up until I started my Pranic Living Journey my ego and mind controlled me. In my first ever dry fast I experienced a complete silenced mind.

That kickstarted my journey into disconnecting from my egoic mind.

More and more I became able to let my stories go and experience the silence within. I truly understood and experienced the difference between who I truly am and the personality I embody.

I learned and am still learning to let my stories go, let my mind do its thing and let myself drop into trust and surrender.

There’s nothing more I desire than for you to have your own experience of this.

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With love and an open Heart,


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