Together, we will give your Beliefs about yourself and the world a Boost so you will feel aligned again and ready to BE and CREATE.

You will:

  • Take action from your heart, not from expectation to outcome
  • Not just survive, but THRIVE!
  • Play more and definitely think less
  • Just start, and keep moving forward
  • Prefer quality over quantity
  • Realize again that if you want to change the world, you first need to STOP wanting to change anything about yourself
  • Realize again you have the power to CHOOSE any life you desire to live

You do have the power to choose the life you desire to live.

But sometimes it might get a bit overwhelming.

  • To have this responsibility to handle everything
  • To take into account the Law of Attraction, your own (negative) thoughts AND to keep up with your spiritual practices
  • To KNOW you SHOULD have your dream life by now, but you don't and you STILL sometimes blame yourself for it (or someone else or certain circumstances).

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It's OKAY if you haven't got your dream life yet.

It's OKAY if you want different things than the things you see on Facebook.

It's OKAY if you're struggling with creating your dream life.

By working together I will help you reset your beliefs and get you back into your own alignment.

You will learn:

  • How to take a break from your thoughts so you will feel relaxed and happy regardless of what happens to you. 
  • How to feel okay (and even appreciative) with a situation or experience you don't prefer without the fear of attracting more of it. 
  • How to start choosing the best option for you available right now when you don't see any other option. 
  • How to let go of the need of control so you can feel relaxed without the fear of losing control.
    (In other words, how you can feel trust and surrender to what's happening and at the same time feeling good about yourself and with that you will change your circumstances without doing anything). 
  • How to feel different in the same situation or experience and how you can choose how you feel (without ignoring your emotions). 

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In so many words and heartfelt feelings and emotions over the time spent with Carmen, it has proven to be a big, but humbling and honoring challenge to do so, and has been and will continue to be a life-changing event for me personally.

Carmen is strong and radical in many ways, and she has coaching qualities that go way beyond textbook learning skills.

As she has these qualities combined with a long period of strong negative biased mindset, she is able to bring to light what wants to be ignored, but the true treasure of transformation is the integration of all thoughts feelings and emotions.

The energy of working with Carmen can create a shift in the space between thoughts, feelings, and emotions to give room for transformation, so the experiential aspect and what can be learned, going from the recognition of ones negative patterns into Self-Love, and so, coming to insight, the integration of it, and at last, coming to the experience of finding the freedom of true self

Sander van den Assem
The Netherlands