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Walking through the valley of fear towards the oasis of universal truth

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I can manifest amazing things. It feels as if life takes care of me at those moments. Everything falls into place and almost always in a different way than I imagined. But I always stay at a certain level of attraction/manifestation.

After manifestation, stagnation follows. And many times after stagnation, deterioration comes next. I always wondered how other people could attract and manifest the things I desire, like a successful business, while I’m not even able to attract consistent people to coach. It seems so hard to manifest my business, my coaching, while it lights me up inside, while I’m good at what I do.

And this leads me to my second lesson learned from the chapter “Foundation” by Derek Rydall (for more info about my journey inward, see this post).

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How I fooled myself for over a decade. The strength of the ego and the beauty of universal truths.

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I’m embarking on an inward journey because of my relationship with my business that I cannot seem to get off the ground. No matter what I do, how hard I work, it’s not working. Either it isn’t working because it’s not relevant for me or it isn’t working because my limiting beliefs are holding back the fruits of my labor.

As I’m working through “The Foundation” (first chapter of the book Emergence by Derek Rydall. See this post for more information about this journey) I read this sentence: “”The problem is, no matter what you try, as long as you’re coming from a place of fear and a feeling that you don’t already have what you need, nothing you do will ever get you what you want.”

We are not broken or incomplete. We are whole and everything there is is inside of us.

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You don’t get what you want but what you are

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How are you doing this gorgeous day?

It’s the beginning of an 8-week process I’m about the embark on. I’ve decided to work through the book of Derek Rydall  titled Emergence.

Recently I’ve been diving deeper within myself and I’ve learned that there are certain limiting beliefs I’m holding on to that are hindering me in becoming my best self.

For example, I’ve been working on setting up a business for years now. And it just doesn’t work. And trust me, I’m not that stupid 😉 nor lazy. If there’s one thing that I know that wasn’t supporting for my business was that I kept searching for the theme of my business. I didn’t really know what my business should be about. And that in itself is an indication that it’s not a right path for me at this moment.

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Pretending isn’t the way to live our lives. Being Real is. Read this to learn how and why.

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Sometimes or more often days don’t feel that amazing.

It’s okay to feel like being in the dark, scared or overly angry.

It’s okay to feel like that.

Unfortunately, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade just recently committed suicide which opened up a whole social media discussion about the facades on social media.

How we portray everything is fine and dandy while we feel lost and trapped.

That’s the reason I created Conscious Living with Carmen; Loving the Life you have, while creating the life you dream.

I try to focus on how our lives might not be what we dreamed they would be, how we might not (yet) be who we dreamed we might be. Not to focus on the negative but to give space to what IS!

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Diary Revelations – Realizing your negative behavior and the gift it brings.

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December 27, 2017

I had the pleasure of talking with my former boyfriend. He came round unannounced. He told me that when he started taking his afternoon walk, intending to go to nature but instead ended up walking to my house.

I’m very glad he did because we got to talk again. We still talk regularly. About what happened during our relationship. What made him end it. What my part was in everything and his part. Sharing our feelings, sadness, and love for each other.

This relationship has brought so much shadow shit to the surface for me. I have to come to terms with the fact that I let my fear and anxiety over jobs, business, and money get the better of me. That fear and anxiety ruled my emotions at the expense of our relationship. That my shadow shit ruled what I found important in my head while ignoring the callings of my heart.

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