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3 superb ways to keep showing up even if we’re too frustrated to do so

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Sometimes I have difficulty with showing up. Especially when I’m tired. Then I just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over me and just sleep or stay there with a good book or a good Netflix show.

Other times I don’t want to show up because I find the situation I need to show up in undesirable.

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How to create inner change that gets you the right people in your life

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Today I would like to talk about how to attract the right people in your life. And what do I mean by “right people”? I’m not talking about the people in your life who are there to teach you something. For example, the people who are always asking for a favor and you can learn to protect your own boundaries. Or, people in your life who are complaining a lot and you can learn to enjoy life more.

Today I want to talk about attracting people in your life who resonate with your Best and True Self. The people who will lift you up, resonate with your truest core, challenge you to become more you or to stay true to the true you.

Let me give you a personal example. A couple of months ago my relationship ended. Since then I’ve been thinking about my own behavior in that relationship and how that relationship reflected my inner world.

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3 habits of People who Feel Worthy of Love

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Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve something? When you had such a good and beautiful day with so much love, laughter, abundance and joy you had a feeling you didn’t really deserve it?

Or, when you look at other people living YOUR dream life you’re thinking that you will never be able to get that life you dream of?

Oftentimes, we feel we don’t deserve what we desire. We might desire more abundance, work that brings us more joy, more clients, more friends, a lover, more fun or more adventures……and we feel bad about either desiring MORE or something BETTER.

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There are no bad things. Unless you decide so.

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Every negative experience has something equally beautiful inside it. Whether that might be learning to forgive, surrender, or trust. If we pay attention to that equally beautiful seed inside, that negative experience can turn into a different one. Maybe one of less negativity and maybe even a beautiful experience.

I’ve turned my being fired into becoming an entrepreneur, becoming a single mom into becoming independent, having 2 emotional breakdowns into more self-knowledge and spiritual awakening.

But what exactly is a “negative” experience and is a certain experience negative in itself?

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One enormous benefit of not truly being yourself!

Yes. There’s a huge benefit of not truly being your true self. It might not feel that way, but there is. And I will tell you what that is.

But first I would like to explain the difference between the true you and the not so true you. Because, who are you, when you’re not being your yourself? You have to be someone, right? So who would that be?

Being your Not-So-True-Self happens very early on in the period of your life where you cannot yet take care of yourself. You come in contact with people who love you and want the best for you, but who are for themselves, not their True Selves. Coming from their Not-So-True-Selves, they teach you things that you adopt. Beliefs about yourself and the world that are limiting in nature.

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