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Getting to know the real you and living consciously while working a day-time job

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If you are new to Conscious Living with Carmen, first of all, welcome and thank you so much for joining.  Second, as an intro to this article, I started a day job at the beginning of April this year after respectively a couple of years working for myself and then being on welfare. This new job has turned my world around. I’ve been struggling with lack of sleep since then.

This experience, though, has helped me dive deeper into living consciously.

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One practice to keep aligned while busy

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When you have a busy day or busy days because of work or children it oftentimes happens that we keep going while disregarding our feelings. We don’t always have time to sit down and feel what we feel. Work needs to be done, children need to be fed, dogs need to be walked or just things need to be done.

That’s why, at the end of almost every day, I sit and feel during which parts of the day I felt confused, insecure, frustrated or whatever.

I used to forget those moments by losing myself in something, like tv, Netflix, chocolate or just common “business”. I didn’t feel the need nor the desire to sit with my “negative” emotions. I’de rather watch other people go through drama (aka Netflix) instead of giving space to my own.

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The difference between our Mind’s feelings and our Heart’s feelings.

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I had a beautiful topic lined up for this week ( What no one tells you about friendships) and I’m so sorry to not be able to write about it. Last Thursday my mom called that my dad was in the hospital. That was a big scare but everything is all right now. But from Thursday onwards my days went differently than planned and I haven’t found the time to write this post.

So I’m going to do it a little bit differently for this week.

I will share with you a Facebook post I wrote and the comments on that post because I believe that information can be very valuable to you if it resonates.

So below you will find the Facebook post, 2 comments on that post and my replies to those comments.

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When your limiting belief keeps you up at night…

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it’s easier to stay centered and in connection when you’re on a retreat, on vacation or don’t have any obligations or responsibilities. This isn’t a judgment but this statement comes from experience. I find it easier to stay centered or in connection when I don’t have things to do, people or animals to take care of , responsibilities, or a to-do list that comes with a home and a family (and dogs).

But it’s also that the bigger the challenge, the bigger the invitation to rediscover that that connection is always there. You and I don’t need any fixing. We’re not broken. We might be caught up too much in the illusion of life but we’re not broken. We don’t need to fix ourselves. There isn’t a connection to lose.

And yet, in my experience, it does feel like I’m losing my connection with the universal truths, with myself when I’m caught up in the day-to-day business of life.

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3 habits to stop worrying

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How are you doing this beautiful day?

Today I want to talk about worrying.

I don’t like to worry and yet I do. A lot. Too often to my liking, even though I know I don’t need to worry.

And that’s the thing with worrying. It’s useless. Worrying doesn’t give us the answers to questions we have. It doesn’t give us solutions to problems we have. It doesn’t give us the comfort we desire.

Worrying doesn’t do anything but keep our body in a high tense state, our mind occupied with recurring thoughts and our mood spiraling down.

So, why worry?

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