In a small intimate group of 3 people, you will work and feel your way through your limiting beliefs, your fears, insecurities, shame, and doubt.


We will come together on a weekly basis for a duration of 4 weeks.

During those 4 weeks, we will learn to see our situation, the people in our lives and what we experience as a reflection of our inner world.

  • We will learn to see what our surroundings have to teach us. We will learn to sit and feel through our fear of exposing parts of us that we are ashamed or fearful of.
  • We will learn to be aware of our own behavior and see that as a symbol as well of what's happening within us.
  • This will make us more aware of ourselves, more compassionate towards ourselves, more insightful into ourselves, more loving towards ourselves.
  • This then takes us into making different choices in our lives. Choices that reflect our true self more and more. Being more open and honest towards ourselves as well as others.

We will feel more happy and confident acknowledging, loving and owning EVERY part of ourselves.

The benefits of a small group

  • You will see you're not the only one with fears, doubts, and insecurities.
  • You will gain strength and courage from working together.
  • You will support and be supported.
  • You will learn and experience it's okay to be vulnerable (and even appreciated).
  • You will gain more insights into your own inner life by listening and working with others.

What we will be working on

  • Learning to sit with and feel emotions that we ignore or run away from.
  • Ways to tap into your own inner wisdom.
  • Learning to recognize the symbolism in your life.
  • Making a start with uncovering the parts of yourself you have kept hidden from the world out of shame, anger, or fear.
  • Becoming more aware of your own (inner) behavior).
  • Tapping into authentic joy and gratefulness.
  • Learning how to feel bliss on a more regular basis.

How to join?

Every Shadow to Light Circle starts in the first week of the month. The meetings are about an hour or so.

The time depends on the whereabouts of the participants. The groups are international and I do my best to pick a time suitable for everyone.

The price for a 4-week Shadow to Light Circle is: $ 75

If you want to join this Circle, please send an email to:

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