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Free Face Your Fears Book

Do you want to be your best Self-But you keep bumping into obstacles-Not fully opening up to your possibilities-

This workbook is about how fear is your biggest obstacle to really integrating the teachings of being your true self.

You can have so much knowledge, but all that knowledge will not get you anywhere until it has become experiential wisdom.

And a big obstacle to personal development knowledge to become experiential wisdom is fear.

This workbook consists of 41 pages full of information and quotes to keep you motivated and inspired. It will work you through:

  • The concepts of how life works,
  • How there are different types of fear and how one type of fear is blocking you and;
  • It will give you exercises to dive deeper into yourself as well as how to deal with the fear.

Throughout this workbook, I will tell you my personal story as an example of how fear has blocked me and how I overcame that fear.

My wish with this workbook is to help and inspire you to learn from your world and become more and more aligned with your true self.