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Suffering is the difference you feel between the vibration, the state of your True Self, and the state or vibration of your positioned Self (your physical mind based self).

Bentinho Massaro

I never looked at my own suffering that way. I always looked at what I was missing in my current circumstances and thought my suffering was because of that. Because I didn’t have enough money, because I didn’t have a job I loved, because I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do.

For a long time, I was under the assumption, as it truly felt like the truth, that I was suffering because of my circumstances. 

Later on, I learned that I could change my circumstances by changing my thoughts and intentions. If I could affirm and think positively enough about certain changes I wanted, I could manifest them (and feel better about myself).

To some extent that worked and to some extent it didn’t.

I then started to doubt my desires and started to think what I wanted (and wasn’t able to manifest at that time) was the cause of my suffering.

So I felt miserable because I didn’t have the things I wanted nor could I manifest them. I made the association that I felt miserable because:

  1. I wasn’t in my desired circumstances;
  2. I seemed unable to manifest those desired circumstances.

So what I wanted, what I so truly desired to be and do, started to feel like the source of my suffering. As I didn’t seem able to manifest it. I started to think my desires weren’t meant for me.

But the contrary is true.

What is Desire and what is Suffering?

Desire is your True Self talking to you and suffering is your True Self talking to you as well.

Desire is your True Self, wanting to express itself through you.
And suffering is your True Self, saying you’re being far away from what’s true for you.
(you positioned your mind-based physical self far away from your True Self. And the amount of your suffering is an indication as to how far you’ve positioned yourself from your True Self).

The suffering I experienced, was because I believed I lacked certain things and circumstances. I suffered because I was believing something not true. Believing in Lack is believing in one thing that doesn’t exist.

If lack would be true, it would feel good. But as it isn’t true, it doesn’t feel good. When believing in lack, you’re vibrating at a certain level. A level not in line with your True Self. Not in line with how Life works.

Believing in Lack is most of the time being triggered when you’re too circumstantially focused. When you’re too focused on your outer world and paying attention to what is NOT there, you’re starting to believe in lack.

When you’re referencing to your reality to what’s OUT there, when you’re focusing on what’s missing OUT there, the belief in Lack will get stronger. 

Life is what you say it is…

We focus on what ISN’T there in our circumstances because what ISN’T there is meaningful to us. It might be money, vacation, a lover, a job, whatever it is you’re seemingly missing is fueling your belief in Lack.

But what you’re experiencing is just ONE portion of what Life has to offer. Life consists of so many possibilities all existing at the same time. Infinite realities are out there and you’re lacking infinite circumstances and things.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what’s missing because it’s meaningful to you. But this only shows that your reality is constructed by the meaning you assign to it.

If you would define something else as meaningful, you would be lacking that (as you are lacking infinite things and circumstances at the moment). If you would define what you HAVE as meaningful, you would feel different.

Life is the meaning you give it. There’s no such thing as Lack.

Your present circumstances are a perfect reflection of your inner vibration and are a mirror to you to what’s relevant for you to learn.

Your circumstances don’t imply lack. They just are (just as all the other infinite possibilities). You are giving the meaning of lack to them. 

And because you’re believing something not true for who you really are, you’re suffering.

Circumstances Reflect. You give the meaning

I’m not saying this is an easy thing to do. I too still have difficulties with shifting my vibration into a different reality. One of Abundance. My business not generating enough revenue and my “lack” of money is a beautiful reflection of that.

Pay attention to the word I used; “Reflection”. I’m not saying my circumstances LACK anything, the lack I feel, is the meaning I give my circumstances.

My circumstances reflect my vibration of Lack. But that doesn’t mean LACK exist because there are infinite realities. And there’s one where my business is successful and money is flowing.

Just because it’s not in MY slice of reality just yet, doesn’t mean it’s NOT there. It is. My circumstances are a beautiful REFLECTION of my inner vibration and are relevant for me now to learn my lessons. 

Your circumstances don’t reflect lack. You do. And when you do, you’re believing the ONE thing that doesn’t exist in Life. Lack.

My life might not yet reflect my inner desires as I still have lessons to learn. But I’m at a point in my life where I don’t feel miserable anymore because of that.

I realize that my happiness doesn’t depend on my circumstances. My happiness depends on my alignment with my True Self. 

And my alignment is independent of my circumstances. My circumstances are a reflection of my alignment and if my circumstances seemingly reflect back to me some sort of Lack, I still have some lessons to learn.



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