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Have you ever learned a new language? You begin with words and small sentences and you practice them over and over. You speak them very consciously and you have to think about what to say and how to say it.

Simple little sentences take effort and you really have to think about it.

But then, after a lot of time practicing and even preferably going to the country which language you’re learning and practice your speaking, you notice that the language flows more naturally out of you.

When you’re in that specific country you notice you’re picking up “street slang”, nuances in intonations and words your language course doesn’t teach you. You pick up the way of speaking from the people around you and you start to copy their body language and flow of speech.

After some time you notice you don’t think about the language anymore and you speak it fluently. Meaning, it flows out of you naturally and you don’t have to think about it anymore.

The same goes with spiritual teachings. At least for me. First I learn about the concepts. I understand them intellectually. I read other people’s Facebook posts about them, I listen to other people, I talk to other people and my understanding of the concepts grows. But still only intellectually.

After some time my understanding deepens and I’m able to put several concepts together (like words and grammar) and I understand the teachings even better.

And then the magic happens.

Conceptually knowledge turns into experiential wisdom.

The moment you don’t need to think about it anymore and you understand it fully with your body, heart, and soul. The understanding of the concepts goes beyond words and takes on a meaning hardly describable in words. It feels like an opening of a door with such beautiful colorful natural space behind it with nothing but beauty, ease, and love.

So if you’re taking up something new, maybe a language or you too are learning spiritual teachings and you’re still on the “conceptual knowledge” level, don’t worry, it will come to you when relevant and ready!

Just keep practicing, keep learning and then you too will slide into that Experiential Wisdom level and it will be fantastic!



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