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I got up and I knew I had a lot on my plate today. And even though my day would be busy, I wanted to have the feeling of spaciousness, of having enough time.

I ended up having way more time for work than anticipated and having less to do as well. Despite that I still notice my Time-is-Limited-Belief acting up through thoughts like: “tomorrow will be different”(well, duuuhhhh), “this day was a lucky day”.

But thoughts are not who I am (nor who you are). Thoughts are not original nor yours. They mostly are produced by adopted limiting beliefs.


Lately, I’ve been having more time-bending-experiences.  Meaning time is relative as well as just an illusion. On the one hand, I have this limiting belief of “Not having enough time”, while on the other hand I’m letting that belief go and I’m experiencing the true power of creating. So powerful that time will “bend” because of my intention and vibration.

Your life starts with you.

You are truly the creator of your own life

Your circumstances and situations reflect your vibrations.

Paying attention to how you feel IS the best strategy to follow when wanting to change your circumstances.


I had a great dream this night. I had fun with friends, I went to amazing places, I made love, it was just fantastic. It was a great dream after a great day before. That day was filled with new experiences, great connection (no lovemaking that day, unfortunately). And it was amazing to extend the experience into the night.

Night and day, awake and sleep are not that different. They are different in the level of consciousness you’re in. Your dream state is the best representation of your day-to-day life. In your dream state, you dream your dream (the same as your day-to-day-life). So you are the dreamer as well as the person experiencing your dream.

It’s the same in life. You are living your life. But you are more than just that. You are your True Self who is “dreaming” your day-to-day-life. Filling it with experiences and circumstances to let you return to your natural state of being. Waiting for you to listen and be your True Self more and more.

Your True Self is you but coming from a “higher” viewpoint. A Viewpoint from which you can oversee your entire life.  Your True Self IS you but from another consciousness level. Your True Self knows and only wants what’s best for itself and is you guiding you in this physical world.


From having a great day to having an Off-day (see Tips and Tricks on what to do).  I felt that it was best to nog work today and keep a low vibe throughout the day. I walked the dogs and went to Ivy the pony. Spend the morning with my daughter and the afternoon lounging.

It was good to take a step back and feel into what I was experiencing. I still feel fear and doubt come up (see this article for an explanation about why). And when those feelings get too strong, I step back. I don’t want my vibration to be “low” for too long.

It’s good to acknowledge how you feel, to recognize the limiting beliefs I’m holding onto about myself and my circumstances and then to transform them and practice in seeing in a different way and amping up my vibration.

Your vibration should be your main priority. When you feel low, take care of yourself.


Love yourself. Love your mistakes. Love your flaws. Love your imperfect life. Just love.

Being open and loving towards ourselves will lift our vibration and when done consistently and diligently, we will change our own behavior. When we’re being honest, in integrity, compassionate, forgiving, and appreciative, acceptance will organically follow and flow through us.

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