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Choices. I’m faced with making choices I find hard to make. Choices between old patterns and doing what’s best for me. I find this especially hard because it involves another being. My dog, Lola. A difficult dog who I, in the past 5 years, have trained well but still has her issues. And some severe issues as well.

Walking her becomes too stressful for me. I keep going but it’s not in my best interest. And what’s in Lola’s best interest? Amongst all the dogs with behavioral issues looking for another home, is it possible for me to find her a good home? Do I want to? Is it best for her? And what about me?

When faced with choices you find difficult to make, maybe you can do the following (this is what I do):

  • Become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and not knowing (yet) what’s best to do.
  • Have faith in yourself you will find the right solution. And yes, that means the right solution for YOU.
  • Your own alignment is what matters. Always. Use your emotions to see what’s most in alignment with who you are.


Emotional flows all over the place. Life choices affecting others in my life. Feeling good, feeling bad, feeling weird, feeling scared….It’s all flowing through me today. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what’s right. I don’t know which way to go.

Every emotion is a reaction to a thought or a belief. When in confusion thoughts come and go and emotions signal which thought is right for you and which doesn’t suit you.

Let if flow when you’re in a state like that. Take a step back from everything that happens. Take a moment to relax your thoughts. Take “a Little Break”.  It’s the best way to realize you’re not what you’re thinking or feeling. You are way more than that.


When you truly realize that it’s YOU who’s creating your world. Knowing something conceptually is one thing. But experientially knowing it is another.

I read lots of beautiful answers to a question about victimhood; “How to leave the victim role?” Feeling like a victim implies there’s a separation between yourself and your circumstances. But there isn’t. You and your circumstances are the same. Your circumstances are YOU.

Focusing too much on your circumstances makes you take on a perspective of separation. This gives rise to your victim role.

When in separation perspective you forget the Unity Consciousness. Everything is ultimately one.


I still feel all over the place, which is fine. Feeling like this, feeling all sorts of emotions is tied to having all sorts of thoughts coming from beliefs. Negative emotions because of limiting beliefs and positive emotions because of aligned beliefs.

I’m sort of overwhelmed with the triggering of the limiting beliefs and shifting to aligned beliefs, going back and forth between those beliefs is kind of tiring.

I find it hard to stay in my aligned and empowered beliefs, which again, is fine. My main focus is to keep my vibration as high as possible in this. And when I find that hard, staying neutral is the second best option.

When you feel overwhelmed with triggering and emotions, try to take a step back.

  • If you find it hard to stay true to your aligned belief, do things that make you stay focused in the NOW. In the NOW you don’t have any limiting belief or negative emotions. Bliss and joy are in fact your default state. So maybe go to the gym, go to the sauna, work out, go outside, whatever works for you to get yourself out of your head and focused on what you’re doing.
  • Feeling positive or joyful might be more difficult, so finding a neutral state is equally good. Don’t “pick” a side (limiting belief and feeling negative or aligned belief and feeling good, if you find that hard to do, just let all your thoughts go and be and stay like the spectator at a tennis court game. Watching the ball go back and forth without interfering. Just let it be and try to stay neutral in this.


What actually happened this week?

  • Working and very little feedback on free and paid program.
  • Boyfriend having a huge setback and acting out in our relationship. All’s good though!
  • Decided about replacing Lola my dog.
  • Less income structurally
  • Decided to look for someone to split the costs and caring of our Lease Pony
  • A huge realization that I’m my circumstances but my circumstances don’t define me.

Feeling good and scared interchanged regularly. I end this week on a good note though. I didn’t force myself to feel good, I didn’t belittle myself for my circumstances, I gave space to whatever it was I was experiencing and I focused on my vibration as best as I could. With the result that this week has gone by in an intense and passionate fashion which I love.

You are your circumstances but your circumstances don’t define you.

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