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I used to have a lot of trouble with the concept of Acceptance. Being in the Now and being acceptant of my current situation. I didn’t want to accept what I didn’t like. How could I accept something that I don’t want in my life? How could I accept something while desiring something else for myself?

I was afraid that if I accepted what I didn’t like, I would keep it or attract more of it in my life.

But that’s not how life works. Life actually works exactly the opposite.


If I resist something I bring with me and I am a certain energy vibration. Resistance is a certain energy vibration level that is different than that of acceptance. Resistance comes with contraction, with a certain negative vibe, with frustration. So being in a resistant state, I am of a resistant vibration. That vibration will attract similar vibratory circumstances and experiences.

So being resistant to my current situation, all I do is attract more experiences and circumstances of that same vibratory level.

This doesn’t mean that what I do is “wrong” or “bad”. It’s just how the Laws of Life work. There’s no point in blaming myself for being resistant too long. When I blame myself, I bring myself into a certain vibratory state as well. One of judgment, resentment and other negative feelings. So in the end, I’m doing the same thing.

I’m not accepting myself and I’m resisting my own behavior.

The thing is, by resisting circumstances or my own behavior, the circumstances or my behavior don’t go away. They are already here. The circumstance is already here. My behavior is already here. So, if you think about it, I’m resisting something that’s already here. And if it’s already here, then it’s already accepted by Life itself.

So what I’m doing is resisting something that’s already been accepted. Including my own resisting behavior. That too is already accepted. Because it’s already here. So again, I’m resisting something that’s already accepted.

So my acceptance doesn’t really have any influence on what will present itself in life or not. Whether or not I will accept it, it will still be present.

Everything that’s already here, is already accepted.

So, I struggled with accepting things because I believed that by doing accepting what was going on in my life, I would either keep it or attract more of the same in my life.

But by holding on to resisting it, I actually did that exact thing. I actually kept it longer than necessary in my life.

But the thing is, when we open ourselves up to our circumstances we don’t want, our behavior we don’t like, other people’s behavior we don’t like, happenings in the world we don’t like, when we open ourselves up to those, and we feel love for those circumstances and experiences, we allow ourselves to feel good and open to life, regardless of and in the midst of circumstances that we label as undesirable.

And when we ease ourselves in that state of love and openness towards what’s happening in our lives or the world, we actually will become of a frequency and vibration that will attract the opposite of what we experience. Because it will attract circumstances and situations and experiences with the same vibratory frequency.

So if we are in the midst of circumstances we don’t desire and we keep resisting it, we stay in a certain vibratory level that will attract circumstances with that same resistance vibratory level. But if we instead, opened ourselves up and feel love, we change our vibration to another level than our circumstances. And according to the Laws of Life, circumstances of that same Loving and Open vibratory level with be attracted to you.

The same goes towards ourselves. If we keep resisting our own behavior, if we keep not accepting our own behavior, we keep our vibration at a certain resistance level. But all behavioral mistakes, including ours, are equally valid expressions of Life. They are already here and therefore already accepted.

Being open and loving towards ourselves will lift our vibration and when done consistently and diligently, we will change our own behavior. When we’re being honest, in integrity, compassionate, forgiving, and appreciative, acceptance will organically follow and flow through us.

It will not be something that we practice but something we will BE. Everything in life is already here and therefore accepted. So, instead of lowering our own vibration with resistance, let’s open up and love what’s in our life, love ourselves and love others. Being and doing that authentically and honestly will raise our frequency and therefore change our experiences and circumstances.

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