Picture by me – handmade mandala

I’m in this beautiful environment, surrounded by lovely people, doing what I love to do…..and I experience the strength of my conditioned and limiting beliefs.

It’s like a veil or filter coloring my experience. An experience so easy to label as fun, amazing and wonderful.

Yet, these beliefs are forming words through that voice in my head that’s warning me for all kinds of perceived threats of loss and lack.

Because of those words, my emotions kick in. On the surface, it might seem as if these emotions match the voice in my head but on the contrary.

My emotions feel heavy because they’re saying I’m off my path. I’m wandering off my spiritual and enlightened path.

Gently they are warning me I’m believing something not true. Gently they are telling me that voice in my head is full of shit.

All this is happening while I’m doing what I love with lovely people. One of them keeps exclaiming how wonderful this is and I smile to myself about the wonders of life and how we all create our experiences. I feel happy for him for being aligned with his seeing, being and believing.

I smile at my own experience in which I intimately get to know my limiting belief much better.

I smile at the ridiculousness of my voice in my head and my emotions trying to guide me back to what’s true for me…..

I watch this internal charade and let it be. Trying to fully experience how my limiting belief shapes me and my life. Taking this opportunity to uncover even more those aspects of myself that don’t belong to me.

This is a process no one should want to avoid. If you understand what’s happening within your mind and heart, the process of uncovering your limiting beliefs will become less scary and much more like an adventure.

When you know what your emotions are truly about, when you can become the observer of your inner dialogue, you will transform from puppet to master.

Stay inquisitive and don’t be afraid to shine a light on your shadow, as your shadow contains the map to Mastery.

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