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A while ago I felt victimized by my circumstances. I felt scared, alone and insecure about my experiences. Because of that, I started to binge watch Netflix (Suits to be exact). Completely under the impression my True Self was guiding me and that in Suits an answer to an unspoken question was hidden.

I thought in Suits there was an answer to a question I was still oblivious of.

But nothing was further from the truth.

I was scared and didn’t want to deal with the emotions/beliefs and ran away from it. Thinking I was being guided by my True Self.

Later on, I found out what was really going on within me. That I was running away from my own beliefs.

From Avoiding Feelings to opening up

After that discovery, ironically enough, I started to watch Outlander (but on a conscious base instead of oblivious diving into a nothingness that’s called “tv” entertainment). Amazing series! I love it so much that I just ordered the book series as well.

Watching the series I realized why I am so attracted to it (amongst the good-looking actor(s) of course).


The series is about Clans in the 18th century. Clans stick together. Family stick together (at least in this series). Friends stick together even when faced with death. Bonding, friendship, loyalty, the community is what matters.

People talk and entertain each other. They communicate and spend time together.

Feminine / masculine

The series main characters are a man (Jamie) and a woman (Claire) who fall in love. Jamie symbolizes masculine energy (strong, purposeful, protective) and Claire symbolizes the feminine (although she grows into that during the series) (she’s a healer).

We all embody the masculine and feminine energy in different proportions and this series highlights these energies.

Higher Purpose

In the series Jamie and Claire work towards a goal bigger than themselves (saving clans from being slaughtered). Everything they do fits into that bigger goal. What they do has a purpose and they work towards that purpose together.

Fantasy versus Real Life?

Outlander is, of course, a series made from a fictional book. So where does the Fantasy and Idealisation begin and where Real Life?

Well, that’s actually the wrong question to ask.

A better question would be: “What makes you the most excited?”.

For me, what resonated the most with this series are the above-mentioned concepts of Community, Feminine and Masculine and Higher Purpose. And realizing that watching a fictional series isn’t really what matters.

Your own vibration is what matters and if something vibrates/resonates with you then that’s YOUR truth. And if that comes from a book, a movie, a series, a comic book or something else, that’s irrelevant. 

Your vibration/resonance is the most relevant thing. Whenever you feel something vibrating in your body, you feel something click, or it feels like Home, or it makes you feel happy and warm inside, then THAT is what’s true for you.

Where that comes from is irrelevant, but that it feels true for you is what is relevant!



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