When I was in my twenties I had a boyfriend with a motorcycle. I still remember the very first time I rode with him on the back of the motorcycle.

I still see us approaching a roundabout and taking the first turn on the roundabout….the way the motorcycle moved under me, going from right to left, got me hooked in a second.

I fell in love with riding a motorcycle.

So I started with my own driver’s license. And that says a lot because at that time my fear of failure was still very much present. I was still very anxious, nervous and insecure. And practicing for my car driver’s license was a somewhat traumatic event for me.

So doing this said a lot about my love for motors.

But, I wasn’t free from that fear of failure and many times I froze.

I still remember the following. I had to take a sharp turn to the left to go onto the road. I was so afraid to not make that sharp turn and hit the curb that I kept looking at the curb.

I couldn’t make the sharp turn, I hit the curb and I fell down with my motorcycle (that happened a few times 🙂 ).

Besides riding a motorcycle I also love horseback riding. It’s not always so idyllic as it sounds. Horses can be afraid, have a bad day, don’t want to listen, etc.

And when you’re riding outside and your horse is not responding well to you and moving in a way not desirable (approaching cars that stand still on the road, being afraid of a tractor), it can be very scary.

When I was just starting out with riding outside I tended to look down at the horse while trying to make it listen. Contracting my body and getting tense.

What do both stories have in common?

The motorcycle and the horse always follow our intention and our body movement.

I hit the curb with my motorcycle because I looked at the curb and was focused on it. The horse took longer to calm down because I was crouched on top of it instead of opening my body and looking in the direction I wanted to go.

The motorcycle and the horse will follow our intention and our body movement.

Always look in the direction you want to go instead of the direction you don’t want to go.

The same is with life.

If you want something to move or change in your life, look at where you want to go and not where you’re at.

You might not be in a situation you want to be in, but paying attention to it will not make it change or move.

Looking, being, feeling and doing as if you are in your desired situation will make your situation change.

Life will follow your intention and the movement of your attention.

So, in life just like on a motorcycle and a horse, always look (feel and be) at where you want to go instead of where you are. And then things will change.

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