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The other day I had 2 people I interact with on a somewhat regular basis express their dissatisfaction with me. One of them did so pretty aggressively saying something like “wipe that smile off your face” (I smile a lot) and “it has to be your way or the highway”.

Now, we all have our (limiting) beliefs and views of our world and we differ in the extent of believing our (limiting) beliefs.

When we (strongly) believe certain beliefs we act from those beliefs.

It can happen that we meet people, interact with them, become friends, become lovers and they interact with us from those beliefs. This means that their view of you is (strongly) colored by their beliefs.

Those beliefs may entail certain ways of doing things, values, what’s allowed and what’s not. Because of those beliefs they might want you to act in a certain way, or be a certain way.

Because of those beliefs, they might suppress certain emotions (as those are not allowed) and project either the suppressed emotion on you or the counterpart of that emotion (to overrule the suppressed emotion).

The stronger the identification with beliefs, the more colored the relationship is (whether that’s being neighbors, friends, family or lovers).

I used to believe those projections on me. I used to (and sometimes still do) believed the accusations, blame, and ideas of others to and about me.

But those projections have nothing and at the same time everything to do with us.

They have nothing to do with us, because:

– it’s about the beliefs of the other
– it’s their point of view
– it’s their choice
– it’s their individuated expression.

They have everything to do with us, as:

– everyone is an individuated expression and extension of the same source.
– they are in our lives and therefore have something to show us.
– their projections often times tell us something about something within us not yet fully seen and integrated.

There’s nothing “wrong” with us when other people project their beliefs and ego stuff on us. There’s nothing “wrong” with us when there’s truth in those projections. There’s nothing “wrong” with us if we believe those projections and sway off our authentic path.

There’s nothing “wrong” with the people who project their beliefs on us.

We all are not wrong for losing touch with our authentic and true selves. We are also not wrong for projecting onto others.

We all play a role in our own lives and in the lives of others which ultimately is all the same play.

We can take up this opportunity to learn more about who we truly are and take up this invitation to choose love as that is what we ultimately are and everything is.

When people project their shit on you, see it as an invitation to love yourself more, to forgive yourself (again), to look within and see what part of you isn’t seen yet….and if that’s too difficult, know that you are loved no matter what. And take that one small step towards that knowing and towards that loving.

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