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How are you doing this gorgeous day?

It’s the beginning of an 8-week process I’m about the embark on. I’ve decided to work through the book of Derek Rydall  titled Emergence.

Recently I’ve been diving deeper within myself and I’ve learned that there are certain limiting beliefs I’m holding on to that are hindering me in becoming my best self.

For example, I’ve been working on setting up a business for years now. And it just doesn’t work. And trust me, I’m not that stupid 😉 nor lazy. If there’s one thing that I know that wasn’t supporting for my business was that I kept searching for the theme of my business. I didn’t really know what my business should be about. And that in itself is an indication that it’s not a right path for me at this moment.

You see, I might think I should go a certain way, but that way might not be my higher self’s way. That might not be the way I’m supposed to express myself. And the fact that it’s not working after a couple of years is a clue in itself.

I find it difficult to accept that a business might not be the way for me as I’ve identified a part of myself to the idea of a business.

And here comes the limiting belief. I’m not really worthy without a business. 

I do believe this limiting belief is the driving force behind me trying so hard and this is preventing me from being the best version of myself. This is preventing me from being my best self. So I might think I want a business but I’m getting something else. I’m not getting the business. Not even a tiny bit of it. I’m getting what I am in consciousness.

What does that mean? It’s easy in everyday life to think I’m my body and my mind but I’m not. My mind and body are a physical expression of a non-physical intelligence. A non-physical consciousness. This non-physical consciousness expresses itself through everything. And also through me.

But I also got a mind with thoughts and beliefs and that is disrupting the connection with the non-physical intelligence/consciousness. My mind comes up with what I should do and should be and if I’m not doing or being that, bad things will happen.

My mind keeps demanding my attention all the while higher consciousness being in communication with me through my Higher Self. This communication revolves mostly around emotions and feelings. What feels good, is my way to go and what feels bad isn’t (although this is a bit of a too simplistic version of it, in general, it’s true).

There’s a kind of blueprint in this non-physical intelligence for me and through my feelings, I can know which way to go. My mind is limited because it only works with what it knows and can therefore never grasp the bigger picture. But my mind is still what I follow for the most part because I kept convincing myself it’s saying the right things that are in accordance with my Higher Self. But the fact that I keep on struggling with my business, the fact that I still struggle with finances or other things intuitively feels as an indication that I’m following my mind and not my higher self.

Things are not working and it feels as if I’m swimming against the current and I’m making it unnecessary hard for myself. That’s why I want to work through this book to guide myself away from this limiting belief that I’m only worthy when I have a successful business. This belief is blocking me and I feel scared to let it go. I feel scared to step into my Higher Self even more. To trust and to let go of what I think is best.

I don’t get what I want because what I want is based on my mind and my (limiting) beliefs. This struggle to me is an indication to stop thinking what’s best and to start trusting and letting go of these ideas and beliefs. So it’s time to start aligning myself with what I am. Connecting with my higher self and to see what will come through if I take my mind out of the equation. If I start to let go of the limiting belief that I’m unworthy without a business.

Living with such a belief as well as a not successful business is more stressful that I would like to admit. Like I said, I’m making it unnecessarily difficult for myself. There’s nothing wrong with setbacks and non-success (as ultimately there’s no non-success) but I feel like I’m kidding myself.

I feel scared to think about losing my business or letting that idea go because I don’t know who I am without working on that business. And that thought alone is a big indication that the desire for this business, for now, is based on a belief not aligned with my higher self. So I don’t get what I want and I’m getting what I am.

I’m getting my beliefs reflected back to me and it’s time to dive a level deeper. To open up to that higher intelligence and let my body and mind be the vessel of an individuated expression of that higher intelligence.

That’s why I’m going to work through this book. I like to work with a certain framework and this book provides that.  So here’s what the coming weeks will look like:

Week 1: Foundation.
Week 2: See the completed vision.
Week 3: Cultivate congruent conditions.
Week 4: Create the quantum plan.
Week 5: Give what appears missing.
Week 6: Act as if you’re it.
Week 7: Embrace what appears broken.
Week 8: Wait on the law.

I will write about this process but it probably won’t be every week. I will write regularly, but not every Monday anymore.

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