Powerful Beyond Belief.

Busting through the Unconscious Beliefs that Limit You

- For Good!

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During our time together you will learn the following:

  • Your (unconscious) limiting belief about yourself and your situation.
  • What you do, say and think to unwillingly confirm that (unconscious) limiting belief.
  • Finding the right empowering belief through your emotional guidance system.

I understand that you’re fed up with working diligently towards your dreams while not being able to seem to accomplish them. To feel embarrassed, ashamed, frustrated and above all else confused as to why you can’t seem to make this happen despite your capabilities.

Or you might like your life and you are pretty happy but you know there's more in store for you and you know that if you tap into your inner wisdom you will unleash your own potential.

We will work together so you will:

  • learn why you find it so hard,
  • you will start believing and trusting in yourself again
  • and flowing organically from that you will make the right moves and choices to attract the life you dream.

You will learn to:

  • Recognize when you're out of alignment
  • You will know what your emotions are truly telling you
  • You will learn to step back from when you're out of alignment
  • You will recognize the craziness of your own thoughts
  • You will learn to discern your own limiting beliefs
  • All in all, you will feel more empowered to handle yourself, to get yourself more aligned and to step into your true self more.

If you're having trouble with living and building the life you dream;

if you don’t understand why it seems more difficult for you than for others,

if you want to stop feeling ashamed and mad at yourself,

if you want to unleash your inner potential even more, 

and you've come this far with reading, then please contact me for more information


Sessions are € 80 per 1h.

If you book 3 sessions, you only pay € 190

For more information please send an email to:



It's really easy to intellectualize what you think is going on with your life, but quite a different one to really understand it at a deep and visceral level.

Working with Carmen helped me achieve that visceral understanding that is needed for change. She really understands how to help you uncover blocks that may be in the way of personal development and more importantly understands how these manifest in our projections in the "outer world".

Thanks for your work Carmen!

Victoria Melchor

Through your method I easily and intuitively “connected the dots”, and I realized my major areas of blocks, especially about what I am experiencing in mostly all my relationships and about repeated patterns with different people.

Personally, I questioned myself on what do these relationships have to say about me, and where I am feeling lack, drained, or aiming to embrace for myself.

I focused only on the needed insights and the awareness is still expanding inside me. My biggest aha moment was about how passive behavior can be seen as neutral or demanding, and to acknowledge what triggers me emotionally (shadows).

Nadia Maria Nacca

Carmen is a kind and generous soul with a great deal of knowledge in shadow work. She has a genuine concern for helping others.

Her thought process and questioning is the perfect walkthrough in helping you discover hidden elements (the shadow part) of yourself; then she gives actionable steps and recommendations to use and apply in your life.

I greatly appreciated her insight during our session.

Julie Kellog

Our work together was extremely productive and meaningful - I felt cared for, and the energy held, you provided a really steady force, which allowed me to get clear - and to go deep.

The beautifully simple language you use was a wonderful anchor for the potent chaos of my emotional confusion - this helped me easily enter the cathartic space, and led me to a more stable perspective...

Thank you from my heart, Carmen.

Clare Galloway

Carmen has a wonderful energy and held space for me so calmly. So much was achieved in short time helping me to see aspects of myself and bring them to the light.

She has such a clarity of perception that she can see right through to the heart of the matter and walk you towards it gently, with compassion. Thank you Carmen.

Polly Hearsey

Thank you so much! I found the session beneficial. Your ability to mold the session to what I needed and to use a task that will be easy for me to implement is fantastic and a guarantee that I will do it!

Sarah Welch Byrne