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Sometimes I have difficulty with showing up. Especially when I’m tired. Then I just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over me and just sleep or stay there with a good book or a good Netflix show.

Other times I don’t want to show up because I find the situation I need to show up in undesirable.

Whatever the situation or reason is, we don’t always feel the same. We don’t always feel good, we cannot always keep our vibration high and that’s okay. Our life and our human experience isn’t about being perfect and always happy, it’s about going through the motions of life and our emotions, to learn from them and to reconnect with our true self (if necessary. You might already be in alignment).

And sometimes we just feel too freakin’ frustrated to do what we’re supposed to do that day.

And such a day is today’s topic. And I have 3 superb ways for you to show up, even if you just feel too frustrated to do so.

Superb Way No 1
Become aware of WHY we’re frustrated
The Why can be divided into 2 kinds:

1) Our trigger
2) The reason

Our trigger is something in our outer world that makes us feel frustrated. This might be a meeting we need to go to, an outing with your family we don’t feel like going to, a conversation with our boss, a client who doesn’t want to work with us anymore, kids going crazy or anything like that.

A trigger is something in our outer world that ignites our feelings of frustration.

The reason might be that we took too much on the previous day and we’re tired today. Or we (for the ladies) might have our period. We also might come down with something and physically don’t feel all too well.

This is something that happens within us which is the base of our feelings of frustration.

Knowing if the reason for our frustration is a trigger or another reason is important for the way we handle ourselves during the day.

Superb Way No 2
Act upon our WHY

There’s something in wallowing in our frustration and feeling petty for ourselves. It’s nice to feel sorry for ourselves and stay in bed all day. And sometimes that’s a good thing to do. We don’t have to be a rockstar all day every day.

Some days are “stay in bed and feel sorry for ourselves- days” and that is just fine!

But if we want to go beyond our feelings of frustration, acting upon our WHY is the next step.

Acting upon our Trigger. 
If there’s a trigger in our outside world (which actually isn’t our outside world but a reflection of our inner world) instead of focusing on that trigger, it’s important to trace our steps to how that trigger is connected to something within us.

A trigger is a trigger for a reason. It’s there to get something unconscious within us, conscious again. So, if we feel frustrated because of a certain situation in our life, that situation triggers something ignored within us.

We can then find our way back into those parts within us that we have ignored and rejected. Because those parts are creating a situation in our lives with which we feel frustrated, just because those parts of us can be heard, seen and integrated again.

Acting upon our Reason 
If there’s a more internal reason coming from something physical within us, that’s a different story. If we’re tired, coming down with something or we are in a stage of our period where we feel more vulnerable, it’s Self-Heal time.

It’s time to take really good care of ourselves. Write in our journal. Sit on our meditation cushion, pick up that good book to read even if it’s just for 10 minutes, turn our head towards the sun to feel those spring sun rays on our faces, make some herbal tea for ourselves.

Whatever feels right for us, do that in order to take some extra care of ourselves. We might still have to go to that meeting, have that conversation with our boss, deal with the disappointment of losing a client or having our active kids around us, but amidst those situations, while we’re feeling like we do, we can still take 5 minutes to tune in and feel what we need at that moment.

Be present and tune into what you need at that moment and give yourself that, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Superb Way No 3
Be Grateful

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend”- Melody Beattie.

This is so true. Truly feeling Gratitude will make us feel good, feel more relaxed, less envious and more resilient. Our levels of energy will increase, we will sleep better and we will feel better about ourselves. Our self-esteem will grow and we will feel more empowered.

Active Gratefulness
This means that we actively feel and speak out our gratefulness during the day. This might mean saying we feel grateful for our laptop we’re working on at this moment, for the car that we drive this moment that brings us from A to B, for the job we have even if we don’t really like it, for our children even though they drive us crazy this moment.

Whatever it is that we’re doing, we express and feel our gratitude for that.

Passive Gratefulness
At the end of the day, we might journal about everything we’re grateful for that day. We might visualize everything we feel grateful for that we experienced that day. We might close our eyes and express our gratefulness for everything we feel grateful for that day.

These are the 3 Superb Ways to keep showing up even if we’re too frustrated to do so.

What superb way speaks the most to you and why? Please let me know in the comments below. I always love to hear from you.



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