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What do you do when you’re off your game?


Well, you feel “off” means you’ve taken a position, a point of view, on a circumstance, for example, that is out of vibrational alignment. Your position is removed from the true frequency of the nature of reality, of who you really are, of what you really are, of what is actually, fundamentally, universally true.

How you feel is equal to your vibration. So if you feel low, you could say your vibration is low. Keeping your vibration high will give you access to good feelings, better insights, change of your circumstances, a smile on your face, etc.

So, what do you do when you’re off your game? When your vibration is low? You get yourself back into your alignment. You start to work on your vibration again.

There are so many ways to do that and everyone has their own unique way to do so. You can take up a different viewpoint. You can give yourself a day off. You can cry. You can let yourself be massaged. You can vent your emotions.

Whatever it is that works for you, do it. When you feel better, you have access to clearer insights and you can dive into why it is that you’re feeling off. What is it that you’re holding onto that is not true for who you really are? What benefits does holding on to those beliefs, or thoughts give you? Because if you don’t extract some benefit from this, you wouldn’t experience it.

So, look for ways that will make you feel better again. And after that, you can decide if you want to “analyze” the situation as to what belief or thoughts you’re holding on to that are not true for who you really are.

Acceptance Exercise:

In light of this post on facebook, and my video on my just started YouTube Channel, I would like to give a specific acceptance exercise I’ve learned from Bentinho Massaro.

Pick an object, and start in the following order to make it easy for yourself:

  1. Pick an object that you haven’t got a strong emotional reaction to. Like a book, a cup, a chair, a flower or another physical object. If it’s something that you find beautiful or enjoyable it’s even better.
  2. After you’ve worked with your first object, now chose a non-physical something, like an experience, circumstance, a feeling, money, love). Make this something that you find harder to accept.
  3. Then you can move forward to other people in your life that you have some kind of trouble with. People whom you don’t like or with whom you even have an argument.
  4. And at last, do this exercise to yourself. To you with all your actions, sayings, behavior, thoughts, emotions, your body. Everything. Also, the things that you have a hard time accepting for yourself.

When you’ve chosen your object, do the following:

  • Look at your chosen object and try to feel into it. We are all coming from the same source. We are all the same. Experiences, Circumstances, People, Objects…’s all coming from the same Creator, Source, Love. We are indeed all one.So try to look at your chosen object and feel into it that you’re the same. Fundamentally you are the same. Ease yourself into being that object. What is it like being that object, person, circumstance?Connect to it. Be it.
  • Looking and being your chosen object, realize that this object, person, circumstance has the equal right to be here. It’s completely allowed to be here or else it wouldn’t be here.This too has a right to be here. Just as everything else it’s already here and therefore already accepted.

Your chosen object, person, circumstance is already here so there’s no point in trying to resist what’s already here. 

The more you practice this with attention and dedication, the more you will stop fighting or arguing with existence and the more peace and relaxation you will feel.

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