The meaning of life is to know yourself. When you know yourself, you know the other. When you know the other you understand yourself. To know yourself means you can grasp an understanding of life. You get a glimpse or even a full picture of what it means to be a tree, the wind or the pavement.

To know yourself means you go beyond the everyday life to dive deep within and uncover the meaning of you – of life – to return to the every day seemingly the same and really completely different.

This might sound so beautiful in written form and it is a beautiful experience, to say the least, but when you’re still stuck in the superficial layer of life it seems as if that deeper meaning is farther away than ever. The superficial layer can have a strong hold on you. Fear grasps your heart and holds it tightly in her grip because bills need to be paid, dinner has to be made, work needs to be done, groceries need to be bought, the car needs to be cleaned, children need to be raised, finances need to be done, arrangements need to be made and so on….

Letting go of all these things, needs and maybe even wants fires up the fear around your heart. If you don’t do these things, there will be consequences. Unpaid bills (and with that, even more administrative work), no dinner, no work, no clients, unhappy children, empty cupboards, etc.

How can you know yourself when so much time is going to these tasks and these things to be done? And when you’re not doing these things, you’re thinking about them.

And just imagine with me now. You, on your death bed, thinking back to this situation, this experience, and you see yourself wrestling with this question, do you think you’ll be grateful for choosing the superficial safety of keeping things as they are, maintaining everything that needs to be done, letting fear control your heart? Do you think you’ll be grateful for giving yourself the illusionary feeling of safety by taking care of all these things instead of going on this inward journey to know yourself and with that the meaning of life?

I don’t think so.

The meaning of life is to know yourself beyond the superficial layer of life. Beyond the things you do and the words you say.

The way to do that is to let go of the Persona you made while you adapted yourself to the demands and expectations of this world and to let your True Self be here as she’s supposed to be. And you do that by feeling.

Because all she needs is to be felt.

To be able to really feel what’s happening you have to disengage yourself from this superficial level stuff. By engaging yourself with the things and events you focus your attention outside of yourself. While your inner compass, your emotional guidance system is working overtime because she’s constantly reacting to what you focus on. By switching your focus at the superficial level from things, events and persons to what ever follows next and next, your inner compass is switching with your focus.

Unless you pay attention, your inner guidance system will keep giving your signals. Patiently waiting for you to pay attention and to stop choosing for your Persona and to start choosing for your True Self.

Really all you need to do is feel.

So disengage from the superficial madness and switch your focus to within. Start to feel how your life is making you feel. Start to feel how the people in your life make you feel. Start to feel how the experiences in your life make you feel. Your feelings reflect how true your thoughts about these things are for you. Your emotions tell you what is the right mindset or point of view on yourself and life and what isn’t. Your emotions are telling you whether or not you’re on the right track in your life.

Instead of losing your mind in the things you (need to) do, lose your mind (judgment) and focus within.

By feeling you’re reconnecting with your True Self. You’re reconnecting with your purpose, your meaning in Life.

Your feelings will guide you to the right beliefs or points of view of yourself and life. They will guide you to the thoughts that empower you, they will guide you to openness and relaxation. They will guide you to a deeper level of experiencing bliss, emotions, openness, relaxation and so much more.

All you need to do is feel yourself. Open yourself up to your own emotions and what they’re telling you. You will get to know yourself in a way that you were meant to. You will get to know yourself more intimately and from there connect with Life and others on a deeper level.

For the coming 2 weeks or so just indulge me in taking part in the following little experiment that can have the impact of looking at your emotions in a different light as well as enhance your life.

  • Although there’s a whole spectrum of emotions, look at your emotions as two ends of a spectrum. Look at your emotions as either good or bad. They can differ in intensity (like blissful and depressed or ecstatic and raging) but at their core, they are either good or bad.
  • Take an event that you’re upset about. Instead of losing yourself in all the thoughts that you have about that event, focus your attention on your emotions. Focus on the emotions and how you feel bad about the event. Don’t think about it, don’t label these motions, just feel how it makes you feel bad.
  • Instead of focusing your attention on the outside world and put the “blame” of you feeling bad for them, realign your focus to within. You feel bad, so something’s happening within that’s not good for you. Your True Self is signaling to you that you’re doing or thinking something that’s not really true for you.
  • Instead of wanting to change something in your outside world, see what you can shift within to make you feel good again. How can you change your perception? How can you change your thoughts? And when you change your perception and thought, FEEL what your emotions tell you. If you feel bad, it’s not the right perception or thought for you. If it makes you feel good, it’s the right perception or thought for you.

Your world starts within. Your outer world is your inner world. To understand the world, you need to know yourself. So dive through the superficial layers of the busy life and really focus on your emotions as your guidance system to guide you back to your true self.

Discover who you truly are and go past the person you created to adapt to the demands and the expectations of this world. Let your light shine within so you can shine your light without.



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