Today I saw a post by a friend about “authenticity”. It was a very fierce post about being authentic and therefore true to oneself.

I also watched a youtube video of a girl on America’s got talent and she said: “no one gets me” (she’s very talented and unique in what she does and she’s only 13).

(yes, I was procrastinating and numbnessly scrolling until I got the inspiration for this post. I wasn’t that conscious of what I was doing  )

I do believe we all have a longing to be our true self even though we might not be conscious of it.

Some of us are true to our selves, like the girl, despite what other people are saying. Some of us are trying to be true to our selves but have difficulty with dealing with our limiting beliefs coming up in interaction with other people with a different opinion about us. And some of us are so used to portraying a persona (a social mask) that we might not even be aware of our persona.

We all are trying to find our way back to our true selves.

Living authentically. Living in integrity. Whatever name we might give it, it is about being true to what feels good to us despite our surroundings.

This doesn’t mean we treat other people without integrity. No. Living authentically and in integrity goes hand in hand with respecting other people. Living authentically equals living in and with love.

We are more than our bodies. We are more than our perception of the illusion of this world. We are love and consciousness itself even though we might have forgotten it.

Living authentically and in integrity simply means remembering who we truly are.

Never stop trying to be yourself even though you can never not be yourself.

🦄 Keep becoming aware of what you do, think, and feel during the day without identifying with it.

🦄 Keep practicing awareness.

🦄 Keep an open mind and heart towards yourself and others.

🦄 Practice, practice, and practice with becoming aware and disidentified with yourself and the world.

🦄 Unless of course, you can become a unicorn. Then just go for it!

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