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Last week, I wrote about how I was a witness of my voice in my head in action

That voice in my head is always in action but more and more I become the observer of that voice. Listening to all the stories and by being in the Seat of the Soul instead of listening to that voice I can laugh about the silliness of my voice.

I can still remember and feel what it’s like to believe that voice, to be that voice. Now I can observe that voice and the effects of me believing that voice in my body.

The more I am the witness, the more I make myself comfortable in the Seat of the Soul, the more I can laugh about the absurdness of my voice in my head.

As I recently wrote about my voice I said it feels like a veil between my awareness and those experiences and I realized later on that that is exactly on point.

By identifying with that voice, by listening to that voice we don’t really experience what’s happening. Instead of being there where we are at that point, we focus our awareness on our voice in our head. Even if we’re saying that what we’re experiencing is amazing, we are focusing our awareness away from what’s happening and shift our awareness to our mind space.

It indeed is a veil between our awareness and what we’re experiencing. Instead of truly letting in what’s happening with us, we relocate our awareness to our mind and our voice.

My experience is that my voice in my head is very present but I truly love my Seat of my Soul. I truly love the awareness I have of that voice. I love the freedom it gives me to choose to either believe that voice or just be aware of it. I love the feeling it gives me of not being the so identified with it, it truly feels so liberating.

I don’t like that voice in my head and more often than not I feel lousy because of that voice. But I’m not resisting it or trying to change it. Instead, I’m practicing in everyday life to be the witness of that voice.

And really, the more I become the witness, the more absurd this whole situation is and the more I can laugh about my own voice and about the stupidity of what it’s saying.

It has taken some time and a lot of practice and I’m very grateful to be where I am today.

I cannot say there are certain steps to take to become the witness more than the one identified with our voice. What works for me might not work for you. For example, meditating is something I hardly ever do. What I do though is walking meditatively, I study, I contemplate, I let go and I integrate.

I don’t force myself and I accept where I am on my path. I might not be as far as you but I don’t feel rushed. I am grateful for the lessons I learn as they free me from my conditioning.

So my advice would be to:

✨ become aware as often as you can without blaming yourself for being unaware.
✨ keep studying
✨ accept your own voice even if you don’t like it.
✨ Use your everyday experiences as a portal to your Seat of your Soul. Meaning, become aware of what happens within you in reaction to your environment and your experiences.
✨ Be grateful (even though you might not like where you are or what your voice keeps telling you). This is a practice too. If you find it difficult (as I did) start small. Don’t push yourself or force yourself to come up with something. If you don’t feel like being grateful than don’t be. Try again the next day.
✨ become open and transparent as to where you are on your journey. This has helped me tremendously.

You too can become the witness of your own voice. You too can shift your awareness away from that voice, your surroundings or something else and shift your focus back to what you truly are, awareness/consciousness.

Have a great week!

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