We believe ourselves to be intentional creatures – in control of our actions and reactions, our thoughts, words, and gestures. However, that’s not strictly true. There are hundreds of movements, stray thoughts, even words, that never register consciously. We’d be quite shocked to see just how much we do, say and feel without conscious thinking.

But it’s these unconscious habitual behaviors and thoughts that make out our lives. They are responsible for how we feel, what we do, what we experience and how we live our lives.

So if we’re trying to accomplish something in our lives, whether that’s with a relationship, your self-worth, your job, your health or your business, whatever castle you’re trying to build, if your unconscious habitual behaviors aren’t supportive of that, it’s going to be a castle built on sand. It will never last.

For example, I tried building my castle. 3 times actually. My castle was my business.

I started my first business in 2009 (give or take). My second, third and four in the years to follow and the first, second and third businesses all failed. Why? Because I quit.

I wanted to build a castle, but my castle was built on sand. The castle itself looked really nice and had lots of rooms, a beautiful courtyard, lots of animals and a beautiful moat around the castle filled with water with swans swimming in it.

I loved my castle. I loved building it. I loved decorating it and I loved living in it. But because the foundation of the castle was built on sand, it was never to last.

I was able to build my castle with bricks, mortar, design, perseverance, decoration, insights and creativity, but I didn’t pay attention to the foundation.

I didn’t pay attention to what I was believing and thinking deep within me. Within me were dragons and enemies shaped as unconscious beliefs that gave rise to self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

It’s within that realm of unconscious thoughts where your limiting beliefs can be found. These beliefs erode our conscious lives, leaving us with feelings of self-doubt, self-criticism, and insecurity.

It were these unconscious beliefs that eventually made the castle crumble.

Unconscious limiting beliefs lay beneath the surface, preventing us from creating the lives we dream about, or even enjoying them when we do.

It’s a castle built on sand.

After my third business failure (among other experiences because I’m a hard headed person) I started to dive deeper than the mind work I’d been doing thus far. Whatever I did, it wasn’t working. And it was confusing me as I also had experiences with succeeding in things, so why wasn’t I able to make this into a success?

That’s how my journey into my limiting beliefs started. I was very aware of my limiting thoughts and I tried positive thinking, mindset work, affirmations but it felt as if I was swimming against the current.

The thoughts just kept on coming.

I decided to go to the root cause and transform that instead of dealing with the conscious consequences.

While slaying the Limiting Beliefs Dragons in order to build my castle I started to be my True Self more and more as a consequence. I was less and less retained by my own limiting beliefs.

After experiencing this huge shift I decided to make my journey into a Course.

Because it’s time to transform the limiting beliefs so can you reconnect with your True Self! 

So I’m happy to introduce you to:

The Uncover your Limiting Belief Course 

During this one month journey, we’ll dive beneath the surface to uncover what’s holding you back unconsciously.

What you’ll learn during those 30 days, is:

  • Ways to identify unconscious and conditioned behaviors you never knew were there.
  • How things, people, events, and circumstances are inherently neutral – until you give them meaning.
  • How to use your emotions the right way.
  • How you were born “perfect,” with all the tools you need to live authentically and abundantly.

Through this course, you’ll gain:

  • Experience in getting yourself to the source of your problem instead of problem-solving on a conscious level.
  • An awareness and understanding of your true, authentic self – the person you were born to be.
  • Insights into why your thoughts aren’t important.
  • The ability to experience life with your full self and spirit, free of the shackles of self-judgment and insecurity.

The person you were born to be – your true self – is waiting to be revealed.

Together, we’ll build a foundation that will stand the test of time.

Learn more on the Uncover Your Limiting Belief Course page. 



ps. If you’re struggling with building your own castle, this course is definitely something for you.