core beliefs shape your life

Core beliefs are the biggest force behind your affirmations

You are creating your life every second of your day.

It took me some time to really get this. I used to think that I could create my dream life with Visualizations and Affirmations. And you can of course. But it’s not just during these exercises or rituals that you create your life. With Visualizations and Affirmations, you consciously choose for a specific desired outcome that makes you feel good NOW. But when you stop visualizing and doing your affirmations and you go about your day, you’re creating your life as well. And you’re probably doing that on an unconscious level.

And that which has a stronger and more consistent emotional vibration (the visualizations and affirmations or going about your daily life), creates your life.

Your outer world reflects your inner world.

We all come into this world with a specific vibration. With a specific purpose and disposition to express ourselves in this world. This disposition expresses itself through your desires, character, likes, dislikes, and preferences and it has a certain vibratory state to it just as everything in this world has a certain vibratory state to it.

And like magnets, the same levels of energy attract each other and different levels of energy repel each other.

You attract experiences and people that resonate with your vibration. Thoughts and feelings have a certain vibration to them and they attract the same kinds of vibration in the manifested world. Whatever is in your manifested world is thus a reflection of your inner world.

Your inner world is based upon your core beliefs.

But what exactly determines YOUR vibratory state and therefore what you attract in your life?

Like I mentioned earlier, you come into this world with a certain predisposition, with a certain vibratory level. And this certain vibratory level brings with it certain core beliefs that level with your vibratory state. We all have a few core beliefs that shape us and our world. Core Beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. These beliefs revolve around YOU and how YOU view the world. These beliefs might be; “I’m good enough”, “I’m capable”, “the world is a good place”, “I feel safe”.

Everyone’s core beliefs are in essence trusting and abundant in nature. Life is trust and abundance. It is for you to express yourself fully and not inhibit you. Life wants to express herself through you and your unique expression in this world. But because we are being brought up by people who might have lost touch with their own vibrations and true core beliefs, you are being brought up with beliefs that might be limiting and lacking in nature, like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not capable”, “the world is a dangerous place”, “Life is unpredictable” or “Life is unsafe”. By adopting those beliefs as a child you’ll lose touch with your own vibratory state.

The beliefs you take on in your life have a certain vibratory level. And when you identify with certain beliefs, you will vibrate at that level and attract the things/people and experiences with the same vibratory level.

So when you take on those beliefs of the people who raise you or who you find important and make them your own – even when they’re not – you create your life according to those vibrations and your connection with your own vibration gets distorted.

That connection is never gone, though. It’s always there and always will be there.

How to get back to your true core beliefs?

You probably had those experiences in your life where you just KNEW something was the right thing to do, say or be. You felt it in your entire body! Everything clicked and things worked out for the best. There was no hesitation, just a pure feeling of openness, excitement, and flow.

That’s your emotions telling you that what you’re thinking/doing at that time is the right thing for you. That’s your cue from your Higher Self that what you’re about to do, say or be, is exactly what you’re supposed to do.

It’s the same with things that DON’T work for you but then the opposite. You’ll feel contracted, small and negative. You feel bad, frustrated and maybe even angry. Those emotions show you that what you’re thinking/doing is NOT what you’re supposed to do. Is not in line with your Highest Self.

So, how to get back to your true core beliefs is by following what feels right and what feels wrong for you.

On an ending note and Free One-on-One.

Visualization and Affirmation work like a charm. But when you’ve practiced them and you’re going about your normal day, unconsciously adopted beliefs that are not in line with who you are and their ignored associated negative emotions still emanate vibrations every second of the day and thereby creating your life.

So if you want to change something, you have to do more than visualizing and affirming. You have to dive deep within and find your limiting and lack beliefs that are NOT in line with your true self. When you have an (unconscious) belief with primarily negative emotions you create your life according to those vibrations. You attract experiences and people that resonate with that vibration.

When you get yourself back to your beliefs that are in line with who you truly are (by following your positive emotions and stop doing the things that make you feel negative), with your higher self, those beliefs will make you feel amazing and good and will create your life by attracting the experiences, people and situations that align themselves with your vibration.

When you’ve transformed your borrowed beliefs back into beliefs that are in line with your true self, you can skip the Affirmations and the Visualizations as you are emanating that what you want to attract every second of the day. You are sending out vibrations aligned with your true and higher self and you’ll effortlessly attract that which you are supposed to receive in your life.

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