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If you are new to Conscious Living with Carmen, first of all, welcome and thank you so much for joining.  Second, as an intro to this article, I started a day job at the beginning of April this year after respectively a couple of years working for myself and then being on welfare. This new job has turned my world around. I’ve been struggling with lack of sleep since then.

This experience, though, has helped me dive deeper into living consciously.

I have found a great job but it’s hectic, full of people and noise and I’m overstimulated at the end of the day. When I’m home my day isn’t done yet as I go to walk my dogs, make dinner and be there for my teen daughter. My day is full from 5:45 AM till usually 9:30/10:00 pm with activities. This doesn’t give me the time to decompress all the input and I believe therefore I sleep so badly.

I went to the doctor to get sleep medication and I use natural products as well. But that’s not the answer. It did help me turn things around for myself because I was so tired I started to eat bad food, skip my yoga and journaling and all the other good stuff.

The sleeping pills helped me to turn that around. But despite the pills, I still sleep lousy. It’s like when I put my head down on the pillow, there’s a storm going on inside of me. A storm of thoughts and feelings not addressed. Before, I could sleep despite this, but not anymore. Which is a blessing in disguise because I don’t get to run away from my beliefs and feelings anymore. There’s nowhere else to go than to go through everything.

This isn’t to complain but to give you some context for this email and the reason for me to dive deeper into living consciously.

And I want to let you in on the tools and practices I designed for myself to decompress all the input, to become aware of the things I wasn’t aware of during the day, and to uncover my limiting beliefs.

You see, the situation that I find myself in with my job and my lack of sleep, it’s a representation of something within me. Just as all of our outer worlds are a representation of our inner world. If you truly want to get to know the REAL you, you can look to your outside world, turn within as to how that makes you feel and uncover your adopted limiting beliefs. Underneath those limiting beliefs, is always the true you.

So instead of wanting to change something on the outside, I’m turning within and below I will share with you the practices and tools I do that with:

Practice No 1 – Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling helps me to keep my focus. Especially during those busy days I easily lose myself in the busyness and I slid into unawareness. Bullet journaling helps me:

  • To keep my focus on my intention for that day.
  • To stay focused on what’s important to me.
  • To do my spiritual practices.
  • To feel my gratitude every day.

The bullet journal format I use is from Mynd Map and is a combination of bullet journaling as well as mind mapping. I love the format. I bought the online version and I made it my own in my own bullet journal.

You can see the different products with this link (I’m not an affiliate). 

Practice No 2 – Journaling

This kind of conscious journaling is to open myself up to the voice of God. To the voice of Life. To the voice of my Soul. Especially when busy I find it more difficult to stay connected to Life, Spirit, God, Soul and to hear the whispers of my Higher Self.

By journaling in a conscious manner, I prevent myself losing myself in my thoughts and ego. This is not just writing about what I did during the day or what happened or how I felt. That would mean that I “just” transferred my thoughts to paper. No, this is more deliberate journaling

Instead, I use a combination of my mind and my feelings. I use my mind to write things down and to choose the subject of that day. I use my feelings to tap into the vision of my higher self and to uncover my limiting beliefs.

Practice No 3 – Mirroring

This is where I look at my outside world to uncover my limiting belief in my inside world. For example, my lack of sleep is something that manifests in my outside world but is a reflection of something within, a limiting belief. So I sit with this experience and the feelings that come, the beliefs that come up and I get to know the way I view myself and this situation that is causing this lack of sleep.

This way I get to know the adopted and conditioned beliefs. When I’m aware of what I’m believing that isn’t true for who I really am, then I can let that be. Sit with it. See it. Feel it. Give it the attention it desires. Usually, after that, my true beliefs and feelings come through. It’s like dusting off the limiting beliefs and underneath I encounter my true and shining self.

Now, these practices are not something to be checked off a to-do list. It’s important to do these practices with attention and with an awareness of how you feel. The writing in our bullet journal or in our regular journal can lead us into our heads. This isn’t the way to go.

Journaling is a way to get us more connected with our Soul, to listen to the whispers of our higher self and not to get sucked back into our mind and our ego. So, before we start our journaling practice become aware of the intention with which you start your journaling practice.

Know that it’s not about fixing something, changing something, that feelings are not allowed or that you need to stay and be positive. No. You’re perfect with everything that you bring to the table.

Journaling can help us open up to the whispers of our soul.

It can make us more aware of what we’re doing during the day and to see if we’re acting upon limiting beliefs or upon our true selves. Our feelings, connection, and openness are an essential basis for journaling.

If you want to learn more about these practices and how to schedule them, when to do them and how to open yourself up while journaling, I’m organizing a free online get-together where I will talk more in-depth about this.

If you’re interested, please check this link.

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