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Today I would like to talk to you about acting upon our alignment. What does that really mean? For example, I often contemplate the following question:

“How do I know if what I’m doing is in alignment? 

Living in alignment means following your emotions. If something feels good, it’s in alignment. If something feels bad, you’re out of alignment. It also means living true to your values. Living according to what you feel is important to you.

Notice that the red thread in these 2 crucial steps, is our emotions. Our emotions are our guidance system in Life. Because we never KNOW if what we do is in alignment. We can never oversee the big picture.

So there can be a difference between where I think I need to go and where I truly need to go. And this difference can be a cause of confusion and doubt.

I don’t know where I’m meant to go and I don’t know if the steps I take are the “right” ones for me. I can never know.

I can only follow what feels good. As my feelings are my emotional guidance system.

So if something feels authenticaly good to me, it’s the right thing to do. Even if it’s taking me in a different direction. But here often times confusion comes in.

Because, what does “authentically” mean. 

And if something autentically feels true fear and doubt can creep in as well. “Is this the right step, because it feels good, but I’m scared to follow through”. “How can I know for sure this will be good for me?”. “This feels good, but I’m afraid what other people might say and think.”

And besides these fears and doubts, often times certain actions and things may feel good at that time, but for the wrong reasons. I might still believe a certain belief and act upon that belief. And acting upon that belief feels good because it reinforces that belief.

For example, I might still believe that I’m not worthy. So not taking that job offer or that project or connect with those succesful people might feel good because it keeps me safe in my belief (I’m not worthy). It feels good because I’m staying in what I know and feels safe but I’m avoiding myself. I’m scared to step into my power. So it still feels good, even though it’s the “wrong” kind of good.

So following our joy and acting upon our alignment is harder than we might think it is.

On the one hand, it’s really easy to “know” the concepts of “following your joy”, following what feels good”, “trust in the universe”, “whatever happens you can learn from it”, but it takes real courage to actually flow with these concepts and act upon them.  To truly act upon your alignment.

On the other hand, it’s also hard to figure out what truly and authentically feels good because of unconsious limiting beliefs.

So, how to live from a place of alignment?

Unraveling our unconscious limiting beliefs

If we want to know our own unconscious limiting beliefs, we have to look at our own life. Our life is a reflection of our beliefs. Look at your life in the following areas:

Health, Wealth, Family & Friends, Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Fun & Adventure, Contribution.

How do you feel about these areas? Are you happy in all of them? Or a few? And if so, which ones? Why are you not happy in those areas? What would you like to see change?

The fact that those areas are not blooming is a reflection of our limiting beliefs.  By looking at those areas and how those areas are not making us joyful is a way to our limitimg beliefs.

We can find our limiting beliefs by doing the following:

First: PAY ATTENTION TO OUR EMOTIONAL REACTIONS. If something triggers us emotionally, a shadow part of us is touched. A limiting belief of us is triggered. Whenever you feel yourself reacting emotionally, stop and contemplate about what happened. Trace your thoughts back to the root cause of your reactions. What is it that you believe that gets triggered in that situation?

Second: WHAT DO WE ADMIRE IN OTHER PEOPLE? If we’re not happy in our Wealth area of our life, what do we admire in people who are succesful in that area? What is it that we admire? And why? This will lead you to those parts of your shadow and your beliefs that are true for you who are. Because you cannot recognize what you don’t know. Cultivate these beliefs more.

If we can transform and transmute these limiting beliefs and cultivate our empowering beliefs, we do not have to worry about doing things that make us feel good because they are reinforcing our limiting beliefs. If something feels good to us, it authentically feels good.

Taking up the courage to live according to your authentic values

Taking up the courage to live authentically involves a couple of things.

The first one is to SLOW DOWN. When we slow down we can truly feel what’s happening within us. Slowing down can mean so many things. It might mean not being in our head all the time (over thinking), not going from one thing to the other, not always listening to music, podcasts or courses, not watching Netflix in your down time…

The second one is CULTIVATING STEPPING INTO OUR FEAR. When we want to live more authentically it inevitable will involve people asking us questions, doubting our decisions, maybe even ridiculing us. Learning to be okay with this is very important in living an authentic life.

We might even “fail” at what we tried, but still, stepping into our fear of being judged, ridiculed or of being weird, is so important because this is one huge reason we often times stay with the old. Meaning, this fear is keeping us small and keeping us in our comfort zone.

The third one is LOVE OURSELVES. Whatever it is you do, if you take that brave step into the unknown of authenticity or you make the choice to stay with what you know. LOVE YOURSELF. Self-love is unconditional. Love yourself if you screw up, love yourself if you “chicken out”, love yourself if you step into your fear……love yourself no matter what!

Having read this entire article (or skimmed through it, that’s okay too) what is one thing you can do today? Can you look at the areas of your life and uncover your limiting beliefs? Or can you slow down and if so now?

Please let me know in the comments below. I love to connect with you and learn where you are in your journey.



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