Yes. There’s a huge benefit of not truly being your true self. It might not feel that way, but there is. And I will tell you what that is.

But first I would like to explain the difference between the true you and the not so true you. Because, who are you, when you’re not being your yourself? You have to be someone, right? So who would that be?

Being your Not-So-True-Self happens very early on in the period of your life where you cannot yet take care of yourself. You come in contact with people who love you and want the best for you, but who are for themselves, not their True Selves. Coming from their Not-So-True-Selves, they teach you things that you adopt. Beliefs about yourself and the world that are limiting in nature.

Because Your True Self (everyone’s True Self) isn’t limiting in nature. Your True Self is Abundance, Love, Bliss, Trust, Openness, and Joy.

Your True Self is Loving for all that is. Your True Self is someone different than your physical self. Your True Self is you but in a different consciousness level. A consciousness level where she can overview your entire life and every possible outcome that’s thinkable for you.

Your True Self knows what’s best for you because she sees and feels so much more than we are capable of in our physical body.

So if there’s a True Self. What are you when you’re not your True Self? I call it your Persona. It’s like a social mask, a character that you develop in reaction to the people who (lovingly or not) raise you. With that Persona, you take on their limiting beliefs and make them your own. And by doing that, you become something other than your True Self. Even though, you cannot ever stop being Your True Self (life is full of paradoxes).

So you have your True Self with her insights, love, and wisdom far greater than yours (because you’re in your physical body) who’s always in contact and communication with you in this physical body.

While you’re in this physical body you forget who you truly are (Your True Self) because of the world you live in and the people around you and you become someone else (Your Persona).

Now, Your True Self want nothing other than what’s best for you and therefore what’s best for herself, as you are one. And as your True Self is on a different consciousness level and oversees so much more in this life and universe than you in your physical body, your life is “being arranged” in such a way that, whatever happens, it’s the best for you.

The good, the bad, and the ugly have all been there for you to learn for your benefit. The Good, the bad, and the ugly are there as manifestations of your energy.  The good, the bad, and the ugly are there as manifestations of you being your Persona.

It’s easier to see the benefits of the good stuff in your life, but the bad stuff has benefits as well because that too is in your best interest so you can transform your limiting beliefs about yourself and the world. The limiting beliefs that you have because you’re your Persona.

Your True Self want nothing other than what’s best for you. And you can never see what Your True Self sees and your life and your circumstances and experiences are there to teach you to TRUST.

Trust that you are taken care of by your True Self. Trust that how your life looks like is for you to learn to Trust your True Self. Learning to trust as a child trust its loving parent. Learning to fully, wholeheartedly trust.

Even when you find yourself in circumstances that make you cry and feel helpless and you wonder “why you??”…..Even then your True Self has your best interest at heart because your True Self can see what you with your limited physical body can never see.

Your True Self is nothing but Love and whatever your experience your True Self experiences as well. And everything is for the greater good of you becoming more of your True Self.

So you not being your True Self at this time, you not being truly yourself and experiencing things that you know do not resonate with who you are, is a blessing in disguise for you to learn to TRUST.

To trust and surrender to what’s happening in the wisdom that whatever is happening is in your best interest and there for you to become more of your True Self.

When you trust and let yourself be guided, you WILL get out of whatever it is you’re in. The more you trust, the sooner and more effortless you will become your True Self again.

By Trusting and becoming your True Self more and more you will experience what Love truly is. You will lose your limiting beliefs and the Persona you created.

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