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I had a beautiful topic lined up for this week ( What no one tells you about friendships) and I’m so sorry to not be able to write about it. Last Thursday my mom called that my dad was in the hospital. That was a big scare but everything is all right now. But from Thursday onwards my days went differently than planned and I haven’t found the time to write this post.

So I’m going to do it a little bit differently for this week.

I will share with you a Facebook post I wrote and the comments on that post because I believe that information can be very valuable to you if it resonates.

So below you will find the Facebook post, 2 comments on that post and my replies to those comments.


Facebook post
I’m just recently truly understanding the difference between the mind’s emotions and the hearts emotions.

They are different and being able to understand and feel the difference is huge.

As someone very prone to anxiety I’ve learned to live with my minds emotions. My mind telling stories and me feeling my bodily reactions to those stories. My mind telling all kinds of stories all based on lack. The feelings of fear and loneliness can be excruciating at times.

By doing so I’ve neglected to truly and often listen to my hearts emotions.

My mind reacts to my heart. When I truly feel sadness or pain, or joy and happiness, my mind reacts to “protect”. Because when my heart feels sadness, my mind comes up with a story and with that come different emotions. When my heart feels joy and happiness my mind comes up with a story to protect myself from losing this.

My mind is constantly working to avoid threats. Threats that aren’t real.

My minds stories and the emotions following those stories have drowned down my hearts feelings.

By living more conscious, by taking the time to reflect, contemplate, go inward, being appreciative and forgiving, have slowly shown me the difference.

I’m becoming more and more aware of emotions in reaction to my mind and emotions coming from the heart.

By understanding and feeling the difference, we can choose to live from the heart. We can let the mind to its thing and the emotions go through our body and still follow our heart and make room for our hearts feelings.

The minds stories and the emotions following those stories aren’t bad or wrong. They are inherent to our human experience. It’s up to us to understand that we are not our body, nor our mind and to step out of the illusion of the mind’s stories.

Interesting. I’ve found that emotions are very different than anxiety–there’s a certain two-dimensionality to anxiety and I agree, going into the heart and soothing all of the parts of ourselves, we can interpret this information more clearly

My reply
yes, anxiety isn’t an emotion.

It’s not really about soothing I guess, because every emotion, every thought, every story is valid as it is. We don’t need any fixing. We are already perfect and we’re having a human experience with everything that comes with it.

Every mind story we tell ourselves and every emotions and feeling we feel, we can let that be as being a part of this human experience.

Our emotions reflect how we see the world and through understanding out emotions (the minds and the hearts), we can learn more about ourselves and our beliefs and how we view the world.

So when we soothe our hearts emotions we don’t listen to it. And that’s what we “need” to do. Listen to our emotions. Understand the difference between our minds and hearts feelings and through our emotions learn how we view the world.

When we do this, we can see where we “lost” ourselves in the human illusion and where we can go “back” to being our highest selves.

I use these””, because we are never lost and we can never find something that we haven’t lost in the first place.

Hi Carmen, thank you for communicating this very sincere and truthful testimony about hearts and minds emotions.

This is is an experience that I also share. I wish I could also step out of my minds stories and emotions and turn more and more to my hearts emotions.

My reply
Stepping out of stories means giving space for those stories instead of believing them. It’s like being the room to hold space for the furniture. Or, being the dance hall to hold space for the dance couples. Or, being the museum to hold space for the art.

Going forth on the last example, the art might be diverse and not all might be your taste, but you being the museum, you hold space for everything that comes and goes during specific exhibitions.

It’s the same with our mind’s stories. Be the space for those stories instead of believing the stories. Instead of thinking you’re the art, be the museum. Instead of thinking you’re that exhibition that you don’t like (or do like), be the museum.

By being the space you give room to feel your heart’s feelings. You are less and less identified with the different exhibitions (mind’s stories) and you can feel more and more what comes from the heart.

It’s a practice that starts with awareness. Become aware of those moments you believe in your mind’s story so you can choose to become the space to hold those stories.


Does it resonate with you, this difference with our Mind’s and Heart’s feelings? What’s your experience with this? Please share in the comments below.



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