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The reason we have so many emotions.

Your emotions are your guidance system. They tell you whether or not you’re going in the right direction. Meaning, if you’re believing things that are true for you or not.

Feeling good is like your default state if you leave out everything that you THINK you are, like the role you play (mother, father, lover, employee, boss, entrepreneur), the things you do (skiing, riding horses, fishing, being an adventurer) and the thoughts you think (I’m amazing/a loser/significant/nothing, etc).

When you leave all that out, when you just ARE, your default state is of being happy. Well, I’ve been told that “happy” isn’t the right word for it to describe being (in) that state as it isn’t so easily describable. But let’s stick to “happy”.

So, whenever you feel bad, it means you’ve deviated from your natural state, your natural state being that of bliss and happiness. When you think or believe something that isn’t in line with that, you feel shitty, and that’s your cue you’re thinking and believing something not true for who you really are.

So good emotions mean you’re in alignment and bad emotions mean you’re out of alignment.

But why do we have so many emotions?

These different sorts of emotions have a purpose. They are there to help us identify what it exactly is that we are out of alignment about.

For example:
Jealousy might point us in the direction of self-esteem and worthiness.
Insecurity might point us in the direction of not being able to trust yourself.
Anxiety might point us in the direction of not being able to trust Life.
Guilt might point us in the direction of feeling separated.

So these nuances of emotions can be used as well to find our limiting belief as that is what our misalignment is all about.

If we only had the emotions of feeling good and feeling bad, it would take us more time to find our way to the limiting belief we’re holding on to, to what it exactly is that we’re in misalignment for.

So these different sorts of emotions are our guidance system to our misalignment.

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